Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Worstest Word

J's lunchbox after the first day of school there is yogurt everywhere and was on him too.

Jaden after his first day of school

This morning Jaden finally let me know his true feelings about school. I was up around 4 dealing with prednisone tapering and he walks up in his Superman skivies.

"Mom, you need to take your cell phone with you when you go, so I can call you."

I peered up from cutting a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon out and sized him up. He woke up happy. That was good.But he wants to me to carry my cell phone around the house now? He came by one randomly and now he calls me in the house. Even if we are a foot away from eachother. Like when we went back downstairs to read since it was 6am. He called me. "Hey, what ya doing?"

"Just reading to you."

"Oh." click.

Then it happened. I told him about the day's activity schedule. I had to do some errands.

"Can you pick me up after lunch recess?" He has been having a croupy cough and I thought that maybe he was going to do his best to make it through most of the day- how sweet and hard working of him!

"How come?" I verified.

"It is the worstest word: SCHOOL." he blurted out.  Where did this come from?

"I HATE school! It is so long after lunch!" he whines.

I had to think fast. I don't want my child being targeted as a suspect in 1st grade for this kind of behavior.

Cupcakes. "I will make cup cakes for you after school! And how about the skate park? I will take you after you eat a yummy cupcake. Can look forward to that after lunch?"

The melt down temp remedied, he decided to get ready for the day in his new plaid sweatshirt and shorts (he HATES pants and collared shirts.) and go out on his scooter, BEFORE school. Feeling vindicated, he went to school happy! Yay! We said good-bye and I hung out on the couch until his bus barreled down our street, pulling the drapes to catch his frantic wave through the window. I could hear him say: "bye!" clear up the street. I had left the screen door open and he hollered despite me being indoors. I think it helps him feel safe.

October is coming and the Bradleys put up killer Halloween decorations which means he is going to get good at sprinting or will require me to accompany him. I will post a pic of their yard as soon as it is up and running. It even scares me. Maybe we will just cross the street to the other side for that month.

Stay tuned.

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