Saturday, April 18, 2015

Best in Blog

I have taken some great photos in the past.

And they are hard to find sometimes. So I am looking through them and putting them here because I like how my garden looked, how I made it look compared to what it looks like now.

There won't be a garden this year. Rock, yes. Flowers and plants, no. Why? Because I gotta heal.
So interspersed between my outloud blogging you new readers can be introduced to me and you old readers can just let your eyes gloss over like a doctor who sees a lot of patients.

Right now the trees are trying to do this:

This was the Apple Tree that we cut down. Kept wanting to grow into the telephone lines.

Here is me harvesting Rhubarb. Hence, the idea for a book that became a blog....
Morning sun and Coke help make pie.
This photo can almost bring back the feel of the water washing over my hands and the Rhubarb.
Crunching through the stalks....
Vintage bowl of Grandma's ready for the sugar:
Aww...... sugar and flour make fr divine.
Pie that requires eaten with a spoon.
Readers, this is what I did a long time ago. When I was able.  I hurt and worked through but things have changed.
Some never do- like the game of baseball.
J heading the plate and which he will do this spring. Can anyone say: Roy Hobbs?
I pitched to this kid using only six, different sized balls.
I miss that.
Me back in that day.
I made it look easier than it was to pitch. Maybe my young un knew it. Maybe not. But it was hard.
Sun or SNOW- I got him to the hill. At Freeman- there is actually a slope and he was the first to board it. I think this was in Sept. of some year long past. I had to pull him in his tobaggan to pat the snow down, then he could "ride" it down. 1st grade.
Me n J on my real bday. (I am a Leap Year Girl)
The Garden in winter and me wanting to plant as I hand washed the dishes.
My inspiration. Which is in another room cause there is no room in my room!
(hmmm..... what would I type up to put on the Royal Deluxe today?)
Physically things are getting hard but nothing a Little Anne Frank can't encourage, no?
Her pic is in the upper left hand of the mirror.
Going to Church
Being able to wear heels..... I miss that, too.
A Perfect Petunia.
Whatever it was, I loved it.
The Last of the Mammoth Sunflowers Fall Foreshadow-
I love these views when in a garden.
Not long after we moved from Utah to Idaho. This is a favorite picture of J. and I. We read and sang before each nap and nightime.
One day, at age 2, he sang How Great Thou Art to Me. Never did it again. It was just one of those miracles.
First genuine leather mitt. Or Second. I forget.
This should catch everybody up on what inspired me to start a blog, what I love, why I write.
And give you an idea at where we have been to where we are now.....
To be continued on another post.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogs in the Snow, oh, & Dirt Storm

(Best Made Co. has a logo that I am into a X e- they specialize in making the ax and this is they have a Cross logo. It can also be a Ski Patrol logo as J. informed me- and a scripture goes with this custom made glass piece by Kurt Knuden. His etsy shop: Piggy and Dirt, includes his dear wife, Rebecca. They are a great team and can whip up what ya want if you can tell them what it is you want. They did a stellar job for this and it goes with a scripture in Alma that I will share later.)

One learns to Never take the weather for granted in Idaho.
One day I was eatin waffles in the sun. -That was fun.


then I was back to bracing myself in a Dirt Cyclone while eatin' pizza on the porch.

(Kurt Knudsen made a new star called Diamond Do Your Thing. find it on etsy.
It is a lot like Idaho- it just does its thing.)

J. loves him some snow as ya all know and so he was tuning into the reports coming off the mountain over to Targhee. It was swirling so bad aroud I.F. that even baseball was cancelled. That is saying something, Readers!

Even I knew melting snow upon :"pow" is  bad: unsafe combo. But die hards like to push their luck I guess and want that last run before the snow is gone and the resorts have to resort to closing their doors.

I wasn't on the porch by the way- that was a tall tale but I was up to the table eating Madre's homemade pizza and watching snow gather on the trampoline.

ME: "You could jump on the tramp if ya want. Get yur snow fix.."

J: "Nah."

Of course the Idaho wind helped get rid of the snow so we could see the dirty, matted grass again.

Where can someone get this kind of weather one day, then enjoy a Dust Bowl the next?

Idaho, Readers~!
(Piggy -n -Dirt know it's Spring so they have some sweet stars for mother's day on etsy. Check it out.)

J., like a guy unable to let a girl go, had to get a ski report one last time-

He still wanted to know what was happening and see the "picture of the day" from Targhee. They do make it look wonderful, if you can ski. Let alone walk normal. Which would be fun; to walk normal.

I can't say that I blame him for wanting to check the report. It's hard to let go of stuff that makes ya happy.

The next news confirmed my hunch about conditions up there: A guy drew an Avalanche and lifts were shut down.

mmm... that always makes a mom feel safe.

Praying for spring snow and clawing to get there isn't the only thing that can be taken for granted I have found.

Time spent with J. shouldn't be taken for granted either. So I am workin' on that. And throwing my weight into makin' moments count.

Once, A song came on in the car, the windows were down- cause it wasn't a cyclone, so we opened the top and the song on the radio had J. and I as back ups.

-J. more qualified than I but I didn't care. I  patted his leg to the beat and groove

 it as best as ya can with a fat pad under your chin.

It was good. The breeze was pulling my hair up above the car and around my round face and the sun was settling into a good spot for a sunset for those wanting to watch, and catching on the edges of my glasses causing that glint that somehow stays in a memory. And melts into an a man pluckin the different notes on what sounds like a classic electrical guitar after the acoustic and piano has already have sold me on the man is drizzling his voice over the speakers like the maple syrup from my waffles from the other night.

 Date with J.

Whenever we have to do something together, if I call it a date, it seems less painful. A trip to Wal-Mart for milk. Whatever. We call it a date and try to make it special. One never wants to pass up a dirt cyclone if ya get the chance.

I'm tired. And it is hard to not want to be able to do the things J. does. I can't imagine what that would be like to ski with him. Pretty incredible.

for now it's fine to have the opportunity just to listen to his day, joke around and laugh, and let him mug on me when it doesn't hurt.

I'm tired.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Waffles in the Sun

Hello Sunshine! Stained glass and mirror combo. Sure to make you smile.

(Piggy and Dirt can do more than stars on their etsy shop! )

I had a blinding moment the other day. 

J. had headed off to baseball practice and I was eating some waffles in my plastic adirondack chair out front while the sun blinded me.

(the sun from above after it was made by Kurt and written with what I wanted it to say to J. whenever he passed by my door.)

It wasn't blowing.

This may seem strange out of character for Idaho. So that's why, when it was a hot day, I had taken my dinner out front to eat. And why I was squinting while eating it cause the suns rays were drilling through the trees and foliage right into my eyes, to make sure the syrup wouldn't drip on my shirt.

One of the problems being shaped like a blueberry is spillage onto your shirt regardless of syrup or sun in your eyes..

So there I was squinting in the sun when a neighbor friend was walking by. In times past I have thought that I had done a good turn in talking to this person and becoming friends only to be edified myself afterward.

Last night I had the same experience! This person paused to talk with a  person who only had half her nails painted on one side in a color coincidently called: She goes on, and on, and on....'

I needed that chat more than I thought. I didn't get syrup on my shirt but I did get syruppy.

(angels seem to appear right when we least expect and most need them. A couple of mine overexposed- Bright white and blinding, kinda like the sun and neighbor that day.)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wounds & the Best Band Aids


It is Bike Season. It has been weather that makes kids wanna be outdoors season. It has been the time for things to be born season.

J ushered in bike season a few weeks ago by having his first wreck of the season. - he took a turn on a black paved path covered with black pebbles of concrete around the river belt. ugh. I hate road burn on my kid. I hate when any kid has a wound but when your kid gets one....

He walked in from the ride very much holding back the emotions of sliding across the pavement with just your skin for protection. He went straight to the bathroom, cleaned out the wound and appeared some time later.

It's hard to see your kids come upona and face the pain you know they have to face. I guess I am uber sensitive to it because I have felt it and feel it.

I am grateful that I can clean up his wounds with hydrogen peroxide against his will, apply Neosporin (or its generic brand)  and put on the best band aids (Curad).

Yes, we have had to try all of them due to my thin skin and I raise my hand to vote for Curad. Sticks the best on a wound and peels off the best when you change out a dressing. And get this, Reader,
they have new ones that are long in length and perfect to wrap around those blimey cracks in your cuticles.

Don't get those? They are part of Cushings, immuno-suppression territory. I am so grateful to a friend who gave me a tub of surgeon's skin for those cracks too.
Back to J.

This is his month! The month he was born!

It has gone so fast with appts., homework, practices, that I hadn't even had time to turn a couple calendars. Okay, just one. However, I have not even written on his day; "J's Bday!" How is that for being an excellant mom!?

Actually, I feel like I have done quite well with keeping his wound clean and tonight I had to sing some of the songs I sang to him when he was younger just for old times sake.

My voice is different now! Thanks prednisone! So it was crackly as I sang: "How Great Thou Art"  but he said it was fine. Which made me feel like a million bucks. He has a way of convincing me that I am alright just as I am.

(he isn't a full fledged tween yet so I have that going for me at least another year.)

I  have been remembering this month and the circumstances of his birth and, Readers, it's pretty much a miracle.

 The more time I have to be around him, and get to know the guy, the more I love him. And the more I understand what it is to be able to put someone before myself. I"m glad for the hard times which usually are the ones we recall and can laugh about later. Or at least thank heaven for being to make it through!
It was many moons ago when I came home from an appt. with a picture of him in my hand. I immediately put the black and white ultra sound picture into a frame and when I took my nap I would open my tired eyes, look at the eye lashes that were evident in the picture, then I'd close my own again.
I was so smitten with him!

I never would have guessed that we'd go through this life and experience what we have together. Unbelievable. He has taught me so much as I have gone about trying to teach him all I could, to be there to help him through life's rough patches.

And then there are the times when I have had to let him go it alone. That is hard.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Letter K Knows

Ski Season is over Readers.
Well, according to the sign up above.

As if in sad, symbolic reluctance- the 'K'  in the word "SKI" above J's closet (that I put up in the fall to get him amped for the 2014/15 season); fell to the floor the other day.

Someone I know had to go clear up north, to Banff , in order to ski. And that was a month ago! So you can imagine how poor Targhee felt when J. couldn't make it up there more often than we'd all hoped. Because it didn't:

J. would have hung to the back of my friend's truck if I'd told him he was heading up where the snow was wonderful.
Now the sign says:
'S  I. '
Spanish for, "Yes."
So the 'k' falling from the sign is a sign of what?
I guess it just means,
"Yes, ski season is over."
*Jaden just let me know that it has been snowing up at The Ghee. But it had melted first and so this isn't great ski snow. Oh well.
I guess I need a B, K, & E. to help spell out BIKE.
Sports Star-- Your baseball player is a star
To ring in the baseball season, J's first pracice brought rain, hail and then it got called off with only 30 minutes left.
Idaho baseball is so brutal.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter, Chickens & Nancy Luce

Happy Easter! Here is my wacky, Easter wreath. Can you see the Piggy & Dirt little chick in the center of the star?  It is so precious.
Then one of their orange petite peony stars is dangling up above for added cuteness.
The wicker, gardening hat is a shout out to my grandmother- it was her gardening hat; another shout out to Grandma H.: some of her vintage material ina little ring;
wooly yarn for what we will say is for a lamb, and gray, falling apart linen to symbolize what the women used to wrap the Savior in after he hung on the cross.
That bright, happy yellow rose and the color of the star is a symbol of the
I had no idea this was what I was makin' when I put it together. I just sorta followed my crazy crafty heart and wished I had time to do more to it but you know how it goes!
(oh, darn. The cam over exposed the back side of this cute chick. It is adorable.
Thanks Piggy & Dirt- see etsy)
The wreath was a last minute attempt to entertain, establish memories, and an easy outlet for my hand to do for those grandkids that come over here and make me smile.
Easter and conference (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has semi-annual meetings that are really good to listen to!)
The weekend has meant I could do some letter writing as well. I have not been lulled to sleep by the calm voices of the speakers- so that is a good thing.
And the quite time gives me a second to send out a post to you, Readers.
I Hope that Easter weekend is (was- sorry this is old) a good one for you!
Below is a stark difference than the cute chick above. However, I have tried to find just the right colors of this bird in order to help my grandmother find a sun catcher star in those colors.
(Aruacana Rooster- the kind that my Grandmother has on her hearth- mean things but they are memories from her childhood.)
 It's often the little things that those who are disabled need -like a picture hung.
Something mended or fixed. A teacup screw found and driven into the wood so that a suncatcher could be hung from it so that the windows could be washed.
Originally she had me get the 3M Command hook and we used it on the window- BUT she can't get the windows cleaned REALLY well with those on it.(she can only notice that they are not pristine, she can't actually clean it so she asks my Grandpa.
 She was willing to sacrifice the area by her kitchen sink but then I hung the blue bird of cold-ness and orneryness from the front window. It just needs to be by itself.
Makes a better statement.
And I found out she likes BRIGHT colors.
Duh. You get older and you get cataracts. So you can't see well. Bright is Best.
Trial and error, Readers.

In an effort to help, my grandmother, who is suffering with Parkinson's disease and, well, heck she is old- she tries to help clean or something. A suncacther cant' be hung unless that window is cleaned!
(Kurt's custom made star -Piggy & Dirt on etsy- matches the Rooster....
And that tiger's eye/marble look is very cool....)
But Grandma decided to only have the "angry blue bird of happiness up in her kitchen window.. Which I had to agree looks the best left alone.
The custom star made by Piggy & Dirt is perfect in J's room, however.
I hope that when J. gets a minute- he will be able to go over to the house and clean cob webs from around the door and windows. Then I will have to direct him on how to clean a window.
Then several.
This will be a job he does for "free" I hope, because it is service. It will be A hard job because Grandma was an expert of cleaning windows. AND she will try to help. Keeping her from doing it is the hard part.
It is very difficult to watch someone you love decline. She will move extremely slowly from her recliner, wobbling as she stands up, reach for the walker, then hobble to the kitchen to do something for someone else. Like something as trivial as a piece of chocolate for a guest.

Which was me.

When you receive a chocolate after watching all this effort it makes you feel..... really humble.
And if you think going forward is bad- you should see the backing up into her chair whether it is to eat or sit back into the recliner. ugh.... you want to be there to help her with every step so as she does not fall!
Not that I am much help in that department.
Grandpa is a bit better at 90- he is more hunched over but is slim and trim and doesn't need medication to keep on ticking! I think it is because he just keeps moving and he has to take care of Grandma.
And she keeps going because she feels she has to take care of him!
Is this what old age is? Or is this love? And age is no matter!?
I know that the more that I have to serve J. 0 esepcially if I am struggling to do it- that my love for him grows. And that brings me back to to Easter and some fun stories you have to recall due to Easter meaning chickens and the post I started days ago.
I know that this is one of the things that is hard for her to watch; her house not be impeccably clean.
Normally, back in the days I grew up as a child in her home, I never found a speck of dust on her piano.
When I could I would pick out a cabinet and dust each knick knack with the greatest care- knowing that it would bring her some joy, less stress and feeling of needing to clean something when company was coming over, and, if I was lucky, I could learn some new stories.
Now, when I have sat in a recliner at her home, I could see the fine film of dust creeping onto her wood piano.

I am glad that her and grandpa have some cataracts that keep them from seeing things too closely!
But with each spring EVERYTHING was taken out of the cupboards, washed in scalding water, dried, and placed back in a polished cupboard with the glass polished so it shined.
Someone comes to help her with little things and they do "surface" cleaning.
Which is a far cry from what Grandma was accustomed and why she must be living longer than most.
*she doesn't want to go to 103 like her own mother, however. Can't blame her.

Well,  Summer is here in Idaho! (i wrote this weeks ago.)

 (this was written before Spring Break. The first day of SpRiNgBrEaK; rained. )

We Idahoans hit the 60s! Maybe even the 70's Yeh! That's right!

Padre started to water the lawn! He even mentioned to a puffy-eyed grandson that he would like the front lawn raked!


And Jaden has already had several water fights with the neighborhood kids. Who has to ask the kid to leave his wet and muddy clothes outside to hose off before coming INSIDE??

My sister is going to attempt to raise more chickens.

Anyone recall my posts on her chickens? How they would get massacred every so often by a local outlaw dog?  And other animals that love her farm like most love Chick Filet.

Once a certain animal dug under their abode and eat them. Some lived. My sister, an RN, tried to nurse them back to health but they were skitish. She had to just throw iodine on one. It bleached its feathers.

Oh, boy.

She has inherited a hen house that is quite adorable and so now she is going to try it again! I can't wait to see the eggs! She needs this sign

that uses metal letters that Piggy & Dirt have on their site. I love the mint look that is shining off the metal in this picture. Too cute. J. has asked for bunnies and wants to build a bunny hutch. We have a sad bunny story though, too.

A neighbor dog could ClIMB our fence and did so one day when Buck was out and poor Buck hid in the wood but the dog could do enough damage as a hair dresser and shaved Buck's behind.

It was hard to see the bald back side of Buck!

Metal Letters & Numbers - 3" Aluminum with nails

Dirt had some chickens at one time and they inspired his work! I wonder what kind of chalet they had. And if it was as cute as the one I free lance wrote about several years ago!

Which reminds me about the woman from Martha's Vineyard who had hens for friends. And lived twenty miles from everyone, dealing with Lyme disease (her symptoms suggested that was it vut it was unkown at the time. ), and that she losts her parents, and almost her house, when the city wanted her land. The minutes from court records stood by the fact her parents owned the land and she was the beneificiary. Which made the town mad and they had it out for this poor woman.

Living a good 20 minutes from town she had to make due with what was available except chickens. They helped her live. And most of them were kind enough to be like  pet- mourning when she was in pain. How cute is that?

 She named her little darlings quirky names. Which added to her quirkyness and made the school boys want to prank her. They didn't wrap toilet paper around her house, yard, or head stones. They did however bang pans together late at night which caused her to be afraid and her symptoms flare.
It also helped her write a book on the only paper she could find; old wall paper from her parents house.

They were so special that when they died she bought little coffins for them and put them in her chicken cemetary. Check out Susan Branch's blog under the section

Seems meant to be!

*This is quite old and worked on like a quilt over several days. Very patchy. Sorry  could not get all the pictures on here that I wanted to.  I am going to have to interrupt this post in order to end it and get it out there to you, Reader. Despite it being in super need of editing.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Night Fall & Piggy & Dirt Sunrises

On occassion we get some sun here in Idaho. This is what my sunrise looks like today.
*on April 1st
Here is what J's looks like. *sometime before April 1st.
He got a new additionh to his window- designed by me and my tastes but custom made by Kurt at Piggy and Dirt *etsy.  I love to gaze at his window, too.
His, country, cowboy, farm, outwest, Yellowstone bedroom now has a star with caramels and chocolates.
I asked Kurt, at Piggy & Dirt to do a custom star for me. For J.
I had a quote that I saw on the site revamped and put on there for, what I thought, J to read and find courage.
It reads:
"Replace your fear with Faith.
Trust God's power to guide you."
Maybe it is more for me to read. He, and this generation of kids have are going to go through a lot.
So I picked that for us to remember.
I like this saying....
my friend gave me for my birthday of a quote from Susan Branch's sticker in her winter packet for scrap booking.
One thing we can count on is Darkness coming. BUT there are safety nets set in place for us to find light in the dark.
I have strung lights in my room that can be dimmed and I have little lights to hit or turn on automatically if I get up in the night to light my way.
Thanks to my lights, the darkness doesn't overwhelm and it keeps me safe. Again, I have my stars up and I love the symbolism.

(Silve Easter Wreath using Piggy &Dirt)
*Just now I woke up with a sore throat from having to breathe through my mouth. Allergy season makes it a joy! Can't breathe through my nose. But this is common. I reached for a throat losenge that a dear friend, with Leukemia (she still is alive after 6 years battling it!).
I have been watching a documentary in my spare time called:Cancer, The Emperor of All Malodies.
(Auto-immune diseases must be the Emperoress.....)
In it I have learned that children with leukemia pioneered the way in the 60's for the medicines we have today.
Two doctors approached it with the idea of mixing two drugs, then four to attack the killer cells. This meant extra pain for these already dying, and suffering children.
 Some doctors couldn't bare to see it ethically, and held back.
Another doctor said that the march toward a cure meant having to test these meds-natural or synthetic.
It seemed cut throat to inflict on little kids but they are the ones who led to the answers and re-search, and meds that help to today's childhood leukemia patients.
Eventually one boy lived a year longer, then finally the firt ever, a girl, over came it and is alive today.
I found myself wanting to honor these children somehow. The many faces, and hurting little bodies. I wanted to hold each kid. I was stunned to find the first set of FOUR meds, called VAMP
 (6mp and prednisone are the last two.) 
to include two meds I have been on for my own auto-immune disease over the years and currently.
Which makes me wonder why I have been on such ancient medicine... but that is for another time to whine about.
 I will whine right now about nausea waking me and itchyness. ? I had P.T. yesterday and it wiped me out like a chemo session or something.
(a child expressing how I feel. wah.)
I have a theory that it releases the crapola in the muscles and has the same affect as anti-biotics releasing crapola after an infection. - and the theory of you feeling worse before you get better idea.
Like the "Herk" phenomenon in Lyme disease.
Just my ponderings in the middle of the night while I wait for the angels to gather and help me through the night. Thank goodness for naps. Took one earlier after the Scwann's man followed me home from P.T.
(Padre and I had been home for two seconds when they screeched around the corner! Their soup is so good and paired with some rolls- easy dinner meal.)
Talk about tears. I could empathize to a degree and feel horror as well.
 The show is online on PBS if you care to watch!
As much as I hate my situation, and the side effects of some things, along with the choices of others- I am glad to be a part of an ever marching army of people who HOPE to make it easier for others who must come along the same path.
My sister-in-law was just here to have her baby shower- she and my brother are bringing in a
BABY GIRL to this world soon- her name is Kali.
She [s-i-l, asked me with wide eyes if my disease was genetic.
ME: "Yes. " I said, then I looked down in shame or sadness.
 "But only by such and such percent if the parent has the disease."
I re-assured.
Kali's Star! The pink polka dots found their home: in Kali's nursery!
She looked sad, frightened. I wanted to re-assure her! Especially since the last twenty years have brought major innovations, people have tested out the pathway, and there is more on the horizon.
*(three nights ago.)
Last night, with the help of friends, J. got to scouts. When he came home he said something that made my heart flutter with hope!
"I sunk a three pointer playing some church ball. "
he replied wiping his crazy sweaty hair away from his face to eat a taco.
Readers, I love basketball. It is my favorite sport. Just recently, since I've had to go to P.T. on the other side of town, I've been able to sit in my grandpa's recliner and watch March Madness with my Grandma. (who has a binder to tell her when the Jazz play)
It's fun when your grandma, suffering from old age and Parkinson's can enjoy a good ball game.
(Even my 90 year old Grandpa gave up his good seat for me! After he mowed the lawn.)
(So this information made my heart leap! Another HOT PINK Piggy & Dirt star * find on etsy. headed to Kali's Nursery.)
J being on the slopes meant I wasn't feeling guilty about not making the stands. 0and that was fine but in my heart of hearts; I wished for the day when I could go watch him play again- hoping that I could sit in the stands and make it through a game!
Now all I have to do is go watch him at the church when I pick him up from scouts.
Really makes things easier. Thank you, church ball.
If only baseball season wasn't on the horizon........
The wind and snow came yesterday so there is no holding back the time to 'Play Ball!' the wind.