Saturday, August 29, 2015

Safety First-AR - 500 Steel

School Uniforms & Clothing 
Has anyone felt that shopping for school supplies is a
Conspiracy Theory of Sorts?
Or at least feel some underground cult is in cohorts with ISIS and they decide which items ISIS will hold onto or they distribute six packs of glue when we need only four, and somehow they bring all families that have children going to school; to their collective knees.
If I am wrong I hate that I have given them any ideas.
( for the picture of ISIS. I never knew really what they looked like but they kind of look like ninjas.)
Good Grief! 
I have never had a harder time finding what J. has needed in my life.  
Recently,  I was in Wal-Mart getting something other than Crayola crayons and there were folders flung on the floors, empty boxes on the shelves, and you would be up a river if you wanted four folders of a different color whether tabbed, three holed, or sheer plastic.
Find the supply List they need
The place looked like a war zone and I was happy I didn't have to go into it. Then I realized- wait, I DID need to find supplies. My esophagus being re-opened again had taken all my attention.
*After thought here: why are we so messy? WE should leave a place looking better than we found it. Good grief. Sorry Wal-Mart. We have turned into spoiled and rushed people. I know I have decided to not purchase something and didn't put it back, leaving it for a worker to have to do. Do I think my time is better?
Where was I?
Oh, right here:
So in desperation I went to Amazon to find what the other stores didn't
Well, guess what?
I went to Wal-Mart today and the shelves were stocked, it looked as peaceful as a warm spring day by a lazy river and not one customer was fighting over the last four pack of Elmers glue sticks-
Elmer's Washable All Purpose School Glue Sticks - 1.50 Lb - 4/pack - White (e542)
in fact a friend walked by and we chatted for awhile and it was SO pleasant.
I didn't bemoan going there like I usually do because they have the best prices but it is a mad house.
 As J. and I meandered through the store just enjoying life, was when I saw it0. .99 cent post its.
Post-it Notes Original Cubes
That is a dang good deal. But I'd already gotten them on Amazon.
I rushed home and Amazon gladly cancelled my order of non- 99 cent post its.
That one was gonna be a tough one to swallow. Other items were cancelled. Then we got I lost energy and I woke up around 11.
I announced I had to get Wal-Mart right then.
J: "Mom do how dangerous that is? A woman going at night to a store, especially Wal-Mart. You would need AR-500 Steel Armour if you're gonna leave at night."
AR500 Armor Logo - Body Armor, Tactical Gear, and Medical Kits
I didn't know what quality it was but he said armor and I don't know if they have my size in mesh chains and other Medieval time period.
We have had a slew of shootings around IF in the last five years.
 Once decades ago a lady got up early before class and was sadly abducted and killed and so no one went to Albertsons at 6 am for donuts after that. - I am not showing sarcasm here.
My son had a point. Taser® X26C w/ Sentry Plate Carrier & Body Armor
ME: "So where I can get that kind of safety vest."
AR500 Armor® Sentry Package with Level III Body Armor - CY
J: "You might have to find a Marine or Navy SEAL if you want it for cheap and sorry to say this but I think you would need two cause they don't come in your size."

Taser® X2
I don't share money info with my son but I don't have 1500 dollars laying around to get a high performance tactical taser (this baby can go up to 100 ft.) And you don't want to accidentally stick yourself with two bolts of lighting that this taser packs.
The safety of myself in Back to School supplies isn't my only worry. Sending my son back to school when the news has plastered information of shootings at school is frightening.
(Remember the day when there were no glue sticks? We just had glue? And you'd put in on your hand and let it dry then try to peel it off your hand so you could have a perfect hand print?)
Heck, when J. told me one of the kids brought a family member's knife to school) and then tried to flush it down the toilet)- I barely flinched. (I knew the kid remotely and I don't think he would  have hurt anyone so much as he just wanted to show how cool the knife was to everybody to boost his coolness. It back fired. And plugged the toilet. He was caught red handed by the janitor when he went to check on whether or not it got flushed down the pipes.)
However, I was worried that it was swirling around in the water bowl and some other kid might run across it and have different plans. Ya never know. In fact, the school didn't even let us know.
J. told me randomly one day. That sorta bugged me.
SABRE Frontiersman Maximum Strength Bear Attack Deterrent with Hip Holster and 30' Maximum Range, 7.9 oz 
Now, Bear Spray is something we actually might need to start carrying because real actual bears are coming closer and closer to the cities lately. And that has me more freaked out than going to Wal-Mart in the late evening.
I hate bears.
And I grew up camping, hiking, blah, blah, blahing.
One was just put down because he had gotten so used to eating camper's food and Pizza left overs around Buffalo Camp ground. As I lay quivering in my tent at night unable to sleep, I would cuddle up to the rock under my shoulder and lower back and pray the bears would not get a whiff of my bad breath. Or if you having your monthly, uhm- yeh. for the picture.
When we got a trailer I finally felt the flimsy metal was a good shield from me and the claws of a bear. If I have a nightmare- it's with a bear in it. I don't know why. Maybe it is some sort of sign that I am going to go down fighting a Grizzly Bear. ah, ha, haaaa. Yeh, right. But I do wonder why I worry about bears.......
Now with all the bear sightings,, wouldn't even catch me in a trailer no less a tent anymore- and not just because of my health.
* for picture.
Four years ago we a had mountain lion come over from Osgood and was loose by the Jr, High and HS and they had to have a lock down for a few hours to locate it, so we are "used to" the animal kingdom coming around the schools randomly but now things are different.
We don't just worry about our kids' math grades, a moose on the loose;  we have to worry about the kids that have differences that make them mad or angry and then make poor choices.
Henry Repeating Arms
Back when I was in Jr. High and a Sevie- the boys went hunting and nobody died.
The young man I liked and held hands with in the halls, saved his money to buy clay pigeons for practice at Ski's House of Guns.
He and his friends that lived out in the country (Osgood) where they grew potatoes, wheat, and amazing athletes, would take their four wheelers and ride down to their favorite hunting spots, and shot ducks or whatever.
They are now all doctors and go on trips to places to shoot turkeys. At least that is what I last heard about my Jr. High sweetheart and my friend's husband still likes to hunt. He loves farming so much they actually raise pigs, chickens, etc.  
Anyway, That was how much I knew about it all: these boys loved it and lived for it.
 And a lot of the times that you had to play football against one of them or wrestle the opponent was shaking in his suburb boots.
I wish we could go back to those days. Days when running to Wal-Mart or running at all, didn't require you to be worried about someone with a chip on his shoulder.
Back to the days when your own kids worrying for you comes up at the dinner table.
 Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
I know you big city people will say we live in the sticks and such. I lived in Virginia for a stint and got a good education on what a ghetto was and how I had truly lived in an area free from worry.
I didn't and don't take for granted the fact that IF is still a good town.
Where neighbors look out for each other and talk with one another. Help when you are sick, pack you up if you are moving or just simply walk across the street and become such good friend you end up going on boating trips, biking, hiking, or walking together each day to lose a few pounds.
I don't want to see the day when the fishing and hunting aisle has to be combined with Back to School supplies.
It's almost Back to School Eve- I hope all of you are prepared with your supplies.
 I know I'm not now that I cancelled orders and didn't make it back into the war zone.
If only I had written down on a post: get school supplies

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why keep Pennies

Have you ever passed up a dirty penny?

Yeh, me too. (from

 (taken from a pinterest which must mean I am way behind on the times and just realizing this idea)

I'm going to try some clean and leave so dirty for a rustic look and different shapes with the help of a friend that doesn't know I am going to ask them to bend the pennies to make the shapes I want.... a-ha-haaa. hm. I hope they have time. But like I said- jump start on the holidays makes life always easier. )

Now a Quarter....
you could do the same thing- but quarters are too much money to put into spelling something like:


 I just found out you can clean a penny a couple different ways(like  and MAKE an
ornament. Or design that bounces light off with every bit of oozing caramel one could find year round at a nursing home.

Okay, these are the frivolous reasons why to hold onto pennies.
There is that old adage: A penny saved is a penny earned. Literally in this economy, it is pennies.
Which leads us into the fact that it is almost

First Day of School Eve
J. is strangling every second he can out of summer. I feel a bit of somberness that it went this FAST.
And everything that happened this summer swung from  bitter to sweet feelings. Ups and Downs.
Some days it is just hard to believe.  
(see past posts on Grandma Mary Lu)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cloroxing Pinecones

how to bleach your pinecones for an unusual beautiful effect, christmas decorations, crafts, decoupage, seasonal holiday decor
Okay, Readers-

Here is an idea for your decorations on a dime. I promised to do my best to bring the best posts!

Gently pour bleach over the pinecones, cover and soak overnight or longer

Dry on paper towels for a few days to reopen, or if impatient, put in a 275 degree oven for 1 hr. You can tell that the color of the scales have changed, but the beauty is yet to be seen
(I"m the impatient type so I may put a pine cone in the oven when Padre isn't looking. )

This pinecone is decorated with a mixture of seed beads, glitter, mod podge and champagne color .

This pinecone is decorated with a mixture of seed beads, glitter, mod podge and champagne color glitter paint.                             
 got impatient and put the pinecones in a 275 degree oven for an hour. That worked!

I hate having Clorox around simply because it bleaches things I don't want bleached, but this looks like a cute idea for fall and winter because I already have all the supplies!

The Donation Plate Experiment & "Withdrawl"


Well Reader, I thought I burned out my wreath projects last year and I found myself looking at different color schemes and I had to grab my Piggy and Dirt (etsy) Safron Star and with some inspiration from the bright colors of India I bring you this........
The movie 'Frozen' mixed with India seasonings.
Underneath is some Christmas wreath that may or may not come back.
Every so often I have to remind myself I am on prednisone and coming off it.
Which means withdrawl.
Purposely spelled wrong because you kinda get sick of the whole withdrawal scene and just sort of mumble it out like a cowboy who grew up with only 'an 3rd grad educashun.'
But seriously, it has been like a marathon or something. Those overnighters they run and take turns with their team. Except it that lasts a week.
I thought I would get used to this dose. The first few days on it are hard and then it levels out when tapering.

Prednisone taking Readers, once on it long term and then going under ten mgs- this doesn't happen. In fact, it gets worse. Your body is not used to it staying low and having to be productive. 
Not happening yet.
some new crafts are being made and I'm finding myself watching MASH again and trying to find ways to feel important.

(or at least find a fab color scheme and put it into action. I'm glad others make it up and I can just copy.
The above colors make me want to pull out my peach quilt and take a scary dive into that
hot pink color.
I bet you are wondering what this has to do with money and donations.
Now that I am done watching the MASH series- (I didn't want a run on them while I was in the middle of them.... sorry I was selfish and wanted the library to cater to me,
 I can talk to you about the episode where they all pass around the job of having to ask for donations.
(Love this palette for fall. Piggy and Dirt can make stars in these shades. It just makes me feel the crunching of leaves- they are turning colors here already. hello winter!And it is still summer in the day! Love you, Idaho!

It reminds me of going "collecting" when I was a paper girl- begging for money. However, it was money they actually owed me but I felt like I was a door to door salesperson or worse yet, a donation collector.
Being unable is not what it's cracked out to be.
My sleep schedule is really wacked and I have to sit in the chair to deal with this
and the "drawl."

(this is me when I was in 6 grade and I slept like a baby on a normal schedule. )

So here is where I talk about dinero.

Being a writer is a really discouraging profession. Once, three years after I'd sent a children's book to a publishing company, I got a form letter from them.
I had totally gone on with my life- like one would do with a crush in elementary.

Then boo-yah!
(this orchid or lavender is really looking cool to me. with the gold.  and royal blue. nice.)
There the letter is and you get a little excited...... maybe there is a chance..... you open the letter rick shod- ish -ly (I made that word up for the action you would use when getting "the letter" and there it


 You are denied.

Rejected by a computer that sent out someone's signature.
It really ruins your day. Makes you want to write that computer and tell it what for.

So, Readers, That's why I blog!

 I can delete any rejection and write whatever I want.
I am my own boss. I set my own hours. And get practice writing for ":real" which has panned out only a couple articles because I am too tired to track down the magazines. This is the magazine, people.

one of my diamond stars. not real diamonds so don't break in my house thinking that I am

 It's refreshing. I come here, to my blog, with a sigh of relief.... like sliding into home plate and not getting struck out.
 I don't even charge a dime or get a dime.
(Maybe it isn't worth a dime. How can I make it better?
Until now. I did the unthinkable. I feel like a church mouse off some Disney movie that passes the collection plate around. I put the donation word by my PO Box.
Readers, I want to earn money; I want to get paid. Why?
It makes you feel good. Like you put in a good, hard day's work and can lay down at night and know you did your duty.

Many may think- hey one day she can't walk and then she is walking.
With this disease and or diseases, it can happen.
This confuses people especially family members. Or Jaden.

We vacation by proxy.

"What ??we have to leave? We just got HERE!" is a typical comment until I just eventually became able to see if I went I would run out of gas at about a certain point and may even need a bathroom and so we have not done things in the normal ways families do it.

For instance, I can't camp at this point and so we text each other or phone if he has Padre's  phone and it has service.

  Yes, I can think. I use pillows to help my hands up to this laptop and I have injuries, have a chronic yappy "drawl" from the withdrawal.
And put up random, amateur pictures. I don't even instagram.
If we were to compare my post to the quick, easy picture of someone who is very successful simply by taking pictures of their life- my posts would be a gram that was delivered by a meandering, thoughtful donkey.
Plodding along, my posts come to you, or you come to them and that's that. A good percentage of my readers have to be the insurance people whose clients ran into me. So I have to give a shout out to the insurance adjusters who have called me so much to see how I am doing and have made it so difficult to find who to send information, who is looking out for me, and remind me that I should never, ever let someone injure or crash into my car, ever again. Or be a passenger in a parked truck and get rammed into.

Because it is a lot of fun to have to be worrying about other things and then have the adjusters call you like an old boyfriend that it just isn't goin to work with going together again.  
How can I not be me? Most importantly how can I keep from being bored by becoming unable?
That is the hard part. Which is why I hope J wins the lottery.
We don't even play, so his chances are slim.
Susan Branch has a place for donations and she is classy. She has made stickers, books, cook books, and finally is getting some great success with writing her books as she had imagined her whole life! She is now grandma age but is in better shape than I.
She goes on trips and then paints them for us and then we save our money or donate money before she leaves so she can stay in places that make you melt. I read her blog and come away feeling more like being a home maker.
She has a new gadget that says we can send money. Send money? Hey! I want this stuff for free!
But no one knows how hard it is to be a writer. Well, Dickens maybe had an idea while he took his nightly walks- but this is no way to make money.
But I did the unthinkable and followed Susan and threw out the Hail Mary shot to see if it would work.
That I would walk into my PO Box's home at the Post Office and find some pennies from an old lady who suffers with arthritis but likes me and is glad I found Cavi Cide wipes and the equivalent for the skin so that people that have to visit hospitals, feel better when they get home to a germ free environment.

Only the immune-suppressed could chuckle at that one. sorry Readers with strong immune systems might not totally get it.

And what about the color palettes that I find to help us realize what colors go together. Like the picture above: Dark Teal and that advocado green.

Wouldn't that beat all?  Getting paid for your work/hobby?

Wouldn't it feel like all the journals I'd written and boyfriends I'd had and cried over and wrote about finally paid off? 

This is an experiment readers.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

What is Wrong With our Health Care System?

I don't know the answer to that either, Readers.

I just woke up with some health care problems and asked myself:

"What is wrong with our health care system?"

As I scooted up in bed to help alleviate acid from coming up my throat and pondered this as I pondered my nappy hair, sunburned tongue and the feeling of pain I have.
(a custom star made of stained orange and tangerine glass. Not mine. But great idea and I love the clear center that you could put a picture in.)

Which, for some reason, my mind has equivocated to a scene from Rocky. Not the running part.
The part where his friend

lets him train in a meat locker and he hits the side of beef until his knuckles bleed.


If that side of beef (cause you can see ribs on it) was still alive, and was just taking it over and over from Rocky, I bet it would feel like I do. I mean, it's Rocky for crying out loud. Good thing it's just hanging there and not able to really feel it. I have no idea why I relate to a side of beef, that is frozen, but there you go.

Kids, pick your friends carefully. So your ribs don't hurt.
On the positive side I got a jump start on my Autumn decorating!

 Decisions are based on my limited choice of color schemes because of pictures in the room and space.

I liked this clearance Autumn Red.... with teals. Yes, teals because the star has that goldenish color thing going on in it and I kept thinking I wanted a Sea Foam green tree this year but realized it was the prednisone talking and am sticking to just,

" Golden-ish."
like caramel melted and an apple stuck in it.

(sorry it is unfocused.)

And health is a biggie when it comes to getting it all decorated.
But the heat is on, Readers! Since the prednisone taper is taking place,

I have to be prepared.

It may be August but our kids go back to school in a week and it may as well be Dooms Day for J.

So I am putting together colors and things to get us to December.

With the help of Kurt at Piggy &Dirt (their etsy business) I am able to nail down colors. Which is sorta tough with the small creative color disability I have to deal with when I see what I want but can't put it into action.

(This color is stained tangerine glass. Cool, eh? Piggy and Dirt's etsy account with written permission was used to show that Kurt can help even the hardest of customers know what color it is they are looking for. )

I will tell you why I have to decorate early in a second.

Bronze and gold-ish has been looking good to me lately so I turned to my son's room and the pictures I have developed of geysers from Yellowstone, to help me in my decorating and as inspiration.
(Yellowstone is a stone's throw from here so I have a lot of pictures from there and, for some reason, recently have loved copper. Good thing I'm allergic to earrings or I'd have a ton of recycled gold earrings from the 80's and 90's I would be wearing in public or at least to church. )

So literally the "heat or pressure cooker temps, is on - (get it? Yellowstone. Geysers. Hot Water. Swimming in Flaming Gorge, until it was prohibited?-

loving the concrete clay grays of our geysers too......oh, look- it's J. in a shirt that snapped like all of Padre's shirts. Thanks for this shot, Dad. Reminds me that I was really not overweight in this picture like I thought. I'd put on some prednisone weight and had gone from a 2 to a 10 and was scared of being so big. I wish I could go back and slap that girl silly and tell her that her body isn't fat.

(The orange and title of this book I totally love and have no idea if it is a good book, or where I saw it. But judging the book by its cover, it really helps give inspiration for writing, but also making me like the color orange in this hue. Or is it shade? I took art in 7th grade- I have no idea about those things. But as luck would have it, J. is going to be a Sevie!)

"Hind sight" isn't 20/20 on prednisone. Puns intended.
Back to School. Boom, it's in there with the yellow leaves. Fall- got it. November. Double Check.

You can copy me if you'd like.
 I put stuff together with what I have and what will match paintings from my Aunt Maxine
(notice the star? That's my bronze/copper answer. All the vases and such have some material I got on sale for 1. in the spring at Jo-Ann fabrics. Another place J. hates. The feathery plumage isn't from a family member that hunts. It also is from the clearance rack.
The star is Piggy & Dirt's.  Golden Globe I think it is called. I think it is an amber color they have. Not sure. That may be one you ask or convo Kurt or Becky about on their etsy account.
Picture below is of the star I used to help match the geyser copper.
Golden Globe Star- 5.5 inches of glowing gold stained glass star

So Aunt Maxine has a ton of pictures in our basement with orange and yellow in them- so the woman who was really a good fisher woman; married to a war hero that I had no idea how cool he was until she was almost 98; and had a tongue that could whip a server at Denny's quicker than you could say:
"Oh, no."; dictates my decorating.

Dspite being passed away, she has a big say in what gets put up in the Fall time. Then I have to move a couple paintings.
*one of her paintings in upper left corner. Me deciding if I should bring our feathered friend into the mix for Christmas. Answer: YES. The blue star is a Piggy and Dirt one from last year. Don't know it's name because I had Kurt make it after one of his with a turquoise stone in it.
The glass is aqua blue and the star on the right is the
"Hanna Star"
with the rhinestone in the middle.

*Side note here on my Aunt and her serious strength-when she was alive,  she had a stroke and I thought she would be a goner. Nope. She bounced back and did all the exercises, etc. , then she had skin cancer! She fought that off too!

 It had eaten away part of her face so I didn't take J. over there much. How stupid was that?  And to stay in shape she did the grocery store thing
which meant pushing the grocery cart down the aisles at night for balance and at night so no one would get in her way

(Yellowstone National Park Inspiration)

. I know she golfed a lot when she lived in AZ. and I don't think she cared for sunscreen, so who knows. I just know I wear it because skin cancer is the last thing I want happening if you get my drift.
You can copy that too.
I did.  
Aunt Maxine pointed out my nail biting problem before I knew it was a problem.
Recently, they looked good until this tapering and suddenly I am biting them like I have a math test I didn't prepare for on the horizon.

So back to, "Back to School"- I asked J. from my recliner the other day what he was looking forward to because lately he's been moody about going back to school.

"I like when you do the decorations."
he said non-chalantly- stuffing his arms behind his head. Was this some kind of duel?
Is he trying to kill me?
For all non chronically ill people this is super easy but when you are sick- oh geez. I now know why some people leave their lights up year round. At first I thought it was tacky. Now I think it is dang smart.
Last year he whined about the garden and so some stuff got thrown in haphazardly and dad weeded instead of spraying them so the sunflowers could stay. Did the same for me this year. 
But that is one of the first things kids of all ages miss- the decorating.

Prednisone Equals Death and Canadian Cake

Best of Canadian Cakes or something I found online-


Okay, so I was workin on a cute number to post here for some several days as I have worked through withdrawal etc and I apologize to bring up death on Sunday.
Ruched Fabric Cake tutorial - SugarEd Productions
(This is the: "Grandma Mary Lu Cake" from sugared The colors are the same as the tile in her bathroom.)

But I feel like that one place ya go if ya are Hitler. Prednisone withdrawal is the worst thing in the world. At first you think:- or at least I did, " This isn't TOO bad." But that is when you are on the levels above 10. And if you haven't been on it for a million years.

If you go sub TEN- look out. Especially to 8. Even the first couple weeks were hell, but I thought it would taper off and I would get used to it.

* for a picture of this cake)


The body is, like, "Are you fer real woman? We thought this was a joke or something and were just waiting for your Dr. to tell ya to go to 60."


It's like my body was forced to swim from here to England and then told to get in a swimming pool and practice holding my breath.

(cake - I love the colors not the cake necessarily. The yellow. mint. peonies. Hey- I think this color scheme reminds me of my Grandma's bathroom. And it makes me want a star
(Piggy & Dirt's Louisianna Carrie)
 that matches the two pictures of my great great grandparents that have been "colored" with a mint background.
Old School touch ups. You know- before selfies that you can touch up yourself. 

At first just two minutes. Come up for air then down again for two. Then they send someone down to tell ya just kidding! Don't come up for air you have to stay down here ten more minutes then come on up!"

The muscles are cramping, I found myself looking at Canada's best cake decorators last night online, I'm color coordinating J's shirts for back to school- well, I told him I was going to last night when we got them picked up and put on hangers and hung up.


Ah, ha, haaaaa!!!!

BTW- I got onto the Canada's best cakes by trying to find different color combinations that look good with advocado green.

 Yes- I am getting things decorated or ready to decorate so J. isn't too somber when I can't due to tapering.

I gotta go. I have withdrawal hanging on me like a crying toddler.

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