Sunday, May 24, 2015

Strength Tape Results

Image result for Picture of strength tape

Well, I followed through on the three different types of "athletic" tape for you Readers! And myself.

Guess what!

The Strength Tape brand of kineosotape- however you choose to spell it -was some pretty tough stuff and, unlike the KT brand, it stayed put! It wins! Just it can't win for me....

 I was as careful, as the instructions said to be, and uncurled the edges after two days of it staying put.

HOWEVER, it made my tender skin more tender and, you won't believe this because I couldn't, it  ended up giving me an allergic reaction: itchy skin in the area I taped. Oh! The Sorrow!

I had such high hopes of something alleviating the pain, healing muscle, and providing stability. You can't put a layer of pre wrap beneath it or it takes away the properties that supposedly make oxygen get to the muscle.

See all the endless possibilities there could have been had I not had such thin, allergy prone skin???

around the Arizona brace that is coming my way very soon readers.
It has a Victorian look to it I guess. So this will be my brace. The brace that will protect my unstable ankle.
The brace that will make me have to wear a size bigger shoe.

So I get to invest in some bigger shoes for those inevitable trips to Wal-Mart walking what distance I can. I actually am grateful. I hate rolling my ankle or having it be, well, unstable.

So tonight I type with a very red, itchy, and indented (foot brace) right foot while shaking my head.
The strength tape had the warning of possible itchiness and to use some sort of Benadryl lotion before hand but I didn't have any on hand and went for it.

I have friend that reminds me that things could always be worse....

Saturday, May 23, 2015

College Dream,Dusty Chocolate, Rain

No, I am not talking about part of the American Dream where you go, graduate from college and then marry and buy a house. I am referring to a real dream involving college.

  I just woke up from one of those dreams I have about me back in the past and this one is me in the college setting trying to finish with my BA and wondering how I got there.

This time it was in a co-ed dorm, all the rooms were taken, which I found out by going down the hall and opening each one to find only one twin sized bed which had a girl sleeping in it. And the only person helping me was a guy that wasn't in his bed (it was really early in the morning but he was up singing in between helping me pull some camping equipment from the living room closet to put down a mattress so I could at least sleep before classes started in the morning. Which I was really thankful for. And was thinking he wanted me to know for sure that his major had to do with the Arts.

AS the dream progressed, the dire situation became apparent: I didn't know which college I was at, where the registrar's office was, and to add to the woes- I realized I couldn't walk well. And how was I going to pay for it?

 A girl from one of the rooms woke up, came out to talk and I guess that's when I met her and that's when I found out I was one apartment down from the one I should be in because I saw a ticket stub on the dishwasher say C-17 and I was supposed to be in 18.  How did she know that? it was too late to move my stuff at that time of night anyway.

The guy was singing to sorta "show off" his abilities, I felt, and the girl, upon me asking if she was nervous about being in college said: "No, I feel stronger now than ever."

And I pictured her carrying her back pack around campus and passing complex classes.

It's like those dreams where you wake up and think you missed class or were late for a test. Or got sent back out on your mission but you are a mother and wonder what to do with your child as conventional childcare is a bit more difficult. Or worse yet, you are in the middle of a large row of people and need to beat it to the bathroom.

But what is MORE difficult is dealing with the task at hand and being sick. That one always causes me a conundrum.

Then the dream panned out and that is running through my head and I'm in the dark trying to get to sleep so I can be rested for the day and notice the ceilings in this expensive apartment are low because I can put my feet up, touch them and feel some swirly, pattern and, even though it is dark, I know it is white (mine are) and then my feet stop dead in their tracks on the ceiling and I have this thought: "Where the heck is J.?"

That's when I woke up to blog rather than toss and turn.

Oh, and chocolate was in this dream. Funny what you recall as you write about it right after.

 As I was hanging up my coat, the heavier set guy/roommate had chocolate decorations around the place and offered one to me.

 I thought: "That isn't something you leave out. I mean, trinkets get dusty. Why would you leave chocolate out, let alone decorate with it?"

Dusty chocolate. I told him thanks but put the little bunny in my pocket.


A bit like Alice in Wonderland, I supposed as I heard thunder roll in the distance. Which kinda made me laugh because Padre and I had a moment the other day that had to do with umbrellas.

Readers, it has been a torrential down pour the last few days; the gutters filled to max capacity. And the back seat of Padre's truck holding brand new, super sized umbrellas. Until I made a comment on a sunny day awhile back that it was hard to sit back there with a beach umbrella stuck in my hip.

So I put one end on top of my lap and Jade put the other side on top of his and we talked to each other in between the swaying of a dry chamois hung from a hanger from one of those clothing poles that Padre has there in case he has to shine the window up from the inside or hang clothes that he doesn't want wrinkled.

So fast forward to the tsunami that hit one evening and he says.....

"Sure wish we had those umbrellas.." Padre trailed off as the rain pounded down in plaid like fashion: sideways, sky to earth, criss-crossed, etc.

"You have two in the back!" I said looking at him like he set out chocolate trinkets to collect dust bunnies.

"Nope, I took 'em back. Mom thought we didn't need them."

"I think she thought you didn't need TWO kept in the truck. One might be left inside so you could get to the truck with it, etc."

"Oh," he said and suddenly we were in the changing lane that led to Wal-Mart. And before I knew it he was back outside with his umbrella. I know it was his because he said:

"They were out of all of them and so I went to the customer service desk and asked them if they had the ones I returned and they did!" he exclaimed with the satisfaction of someone who not only likes a good deal but likes to be prepared.

He hurried so fast he was able to use the industrial strength umbrella before it stopped raining. And that made him pretty happy. Which is another trait of those who like to be prepared.

So while many of you out there are hoping for good Memorial Day weather, I think one person is hoping and not objective to A LOT of rain because he has Idaho wind proof umbrellas to keep us dry.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It is Finally in Print!

(Finally Kurt and Becky are back and making their stars again on the etsy shop: Piggy and Dirt)


I am so excited because I finally received a manual type book from my aunt about the recollections she has of "learning" to hike in the Tetons-written with her best bud, Sandy.

They are in their 70's and it is finally finished! She asked me to add to it. whoa.

Her experience, my mother's similar experience sleeping in tents at Darby Canyon Girls Camp under the stars--- started me on the trail to, well,  here.

To J.

You know that feeling inside that tugs you in directions, or your mind plays a memory game with itself and as you turn over pieces of life and they don't match, or they do, and you go with the match because it reminds you of what has been locked in your heart-

 and that becomes your story. The key to unlocking it is remembering however. Because I have tried to make something match that just doesn't- the apple will never match with the orange no matter how hard the toddler throws a tantrum. They have to learn to wait til the next turn and find out they were really close, but off by just a hair.

Without the stories of those before, ours obviously can't happen. And we can forget how their choices made ours easier or harder. And like the memory game, we can see if they picked up the card that we in turn can find ours.

Don't you love analogies of mine? And that Kurt is back with Rebecca from the Netherlands and Paris so I can put their stars up on my posts again cause without them they were so drab.

I have blogged on here about stars,
Kurt will put whatever you want on these stars. Just tell him on his etsy site: Piggy and Dirt

 illness, jokes about living at home with Padre because I have come from a healthy, ready to take on the world YW, to coming full circle (like my prednisone induced wreaths prior to Christmas), to a stay-at-home daughter.

I was into circle wreaths and yarn for you newbie Readers.
 BTW I re-did one for summer that I am loving. Share later when I figure out how to upload with my camera. Retiring using Padres. And I am too tired right now to work on photography skills.

And that makes me glad- that I can love how life has turned out,  when right this very second is a struggle. But guess what? It turned out what matched my heart.

Or Jaden is what matches my heart.

Before I was married, or working in Utah, or knew what Crohns disease was or became a blueberry because of prednisone long term- I was struggling- I only had my heart to LEAD ME. And what had been put there by my parents, leaders, teachers, etc.

I took it seriously- this matching game because I wanted and felt that I had a purpose; to be a mother. And that they were cheering on my choices. However you want to look at how they were doing that is up to you, but for me I pictured them in the heavens waiting a turn to come get a body.

White Stone
(Kurt'a GLass hand. See his etsy store Piggy and Dirt for an explanation of his inspiration. I have a spin on it too.)

As J. enters into this time of adventure I am excited and have butterflies for him. It's going to be wonderful and awful at points. He won't have a clue as to what to do unless he is in tune with his heart. And even then it can hurt really bad.

A simple example of this that is a big obvious one has to do with being sick earlier in my life. I never knew what dehydration could do. Sure I played sports. I knew you had to re-hydrate but I didn't know if you were laying there, sick or something,  you needed to keep up electrolytes more than ever.

The impression one day to crawl from my bed to water hit me so strongly. Why? Cause I had to get my story going or let it lay stay stagnant. And my tongue felt the size of melon.

Beehive Blush Star- 9.5 inches pale blush pink beehive paper on glass with pink stained glass center
Kurt's Beehive looking star. He has a bunch of bees that he's made that would be cute with the sunflower or this it would seem.

Sure, I'd had to let go of dreams that I wanted but they wouldn't lead me to this place- my childhood bedroom up in the night with some issues, wondering what I will write and say to add to my Aunt's manual. And whether or not I can get my mom to help me write her part too because it is multi-generational.

Kurt's bee. etsy. Piggy and Dirt.)

And I hope J. will write his part. Which means me forcing him to start writing down a daily journal. Which is like pulling teeth.

Yup, I would not be here, trying to knock out a post in my plus size pa jammies and wondering if my throat should feel better than this or if I have some motility issue going on. Meaning the muscles are involved and not just Crohns, or nuclear acid from outer space hanging out in my gullet.

By complete chance they found a problem that I didn't know the source and helps me to add more matches to my memory game of life so that I can make wise decisions and advocate, not just for myself, but others, hopefully.

Doctors missed it up until recently when a P.A. happened to order the right X-ray

(Kurt's edgy tumbling blocks and dots)
 and believed in me.
Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and keeps praying for me as I battle through some very odd trials that you just can't make up.

(I get it that these diseases these days are like tangled fishing line, but some things are as obvious as the nose on your face. )

I need to write a thank you note to this person and thank her for saving more months of problems.
in addition to writing my part of the story to my aunt's and my mom's.

Picking flowers for our moms,

Kurt's small stars that are in a wreath! I will have to get some of his "tinies" stars and do the same with some fake greenery.

playing house amongst the rocks in Alaska Basin, and giggling while playing UNO on top of our Mummy bags in the orange dome tent while eating gorp are a good place to start.

Did I mention there were boys too? Oh, boy. I had crushes on the older teen agers. They of course were fast hikers and I maybe caught a glimpse on the switch backs or around the camp fire.... but, oh! I have had quite the life. I need to be thankful. Like the rain that has fallen sideways in both directions. And even up from the ground. It is making everything really green and so that Padre doesn't have to move the water.

Okay, my hands are aching. Buenas Noches.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stomach Flu, Leuko Tape, Custom Sunflower

AND SMILE like he does!
Kurt (from etsy shop: Piggy and Dirt) made this custom star for me.
 I wanted something to help me and J. remember what to do just that!  And to Follow the Son, like the Sunflowers do. He has a store on etsy called: Piggy and Dirt and I think this is one of my favorites.
I sure do hope some of the seeds I have planted in the past will spring up in our garden this year as I will not be actively gardenng.
At all.
Oh, how I miss my tall, Mammoth Sunflowers!
(some guy's sunflowers from the Texas Daily. Lucky. Mine dont' get that big.)
So last week the flu hit our house like a tsunami.
 So we had to go into hospital grade cleaning mode and there was extra laundry and I was just glad that I had help.
Thanks, help!
Because I couldn't get sick. I had a scope coming up and it was an important one. One morning after cleaning up "flu" in the bathroom I got that gut wrenching feeling that makes you want to curl up in a ball and basically die.
Missed an appointment. A precious, wait several weeks to get into a specialist appointment.
Those are discouraging moments.
 (I love how Kurt can make me whimsical things stars. You just tell him what ya want and wha-la!)
I am sure you are wondering when the lueko tape part comes in. Pretty much now.
First of all, what is lueko tape? I have talked about KT tape and Rock Tape because I had purchased them to see if they could help stabilize my ankles during the summer months when it is hot and not have the bulk of the huge moon boot one wears after foot surgery.
Leukotape is a rayon-backed, latex-free rehabilitation tape with a high tensile strength. Its zinc oxide adhesive ensures that once wrapped Leukotape will remain in place for hours, even when a patient is active and in motion. Leukotape is used in combination with Cover-Roll Stretch, a support adhesive bandage.
After my P.T. used it on the arch of my foot I found relief. We didn't go all out and wrap my ankle.
And for the record, the Rock tape is kineosology tape and they are two different things.
Didn't know this. Now I do. And after going through the whole flu, scope, stricture situation- I really don't care to blog.
 I "planted" some fake yellow tulips in one of the planters. And found some sweet discounted fake flowers for grave bouquets.
hm. I don't think I have ever said that-- A Grave Bouquet.
Maybe I should make a business of it.
I hope they look "joyful" because the real ones around town have made me happy that spring is here.
the heroes in all this.
IImage result for picture of 7 up

Thank you 7-Up, Pedialyte and Saltines for making it possible for us to endure last week.

Oh, and Listerine.
Does anyone want to come over and plant Mammoth Sunflowers in Padre's garden?

Monday, May 11, 2015

KT tape vs. Rock Tape

I told you I would do a test about which was best- KT tape didn't last as long and the Rock tape did but it didn't really help with the pain issue and I found my prednisone skin meant that taking it off- I had to be super careful.

So now I have Strength Tape coming and it will probably be the Bees Knees. And I will use it judiciosuly- cause it can really harm thin skin.

Darn! I was looking forward to an answer to not wearing a bulky brace as much. Which rubs against the skin too by the way and I have to wear band aids.

Thank goodness for those!

By the way the best band aids, for me, is not Band Aid brand. It is the Curad brand. Sticks. But roll it off if you are on prednisone or be VERY careful tearing it off.

The Cushing's/Campbells Girl:

(Me after the looooong term prednisone use.)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Weekend

J. cannot keep a secret about a gift to save his life.
I have known what he was to give me for several days. Now that I have the painting- on canvas- I LOVE it. And I love that he wanted to share it with me, that he couldn't contain himself!
It is another picture of Birch trees. The kind that line the way up to the place he loves to ski: Targhee.
Next to my mountains.

Happy Mom Day to all of you. Whether you have a child or not. Taking an interest in a kid makes you a parent. It just does. (see my coaching posts from years ago.)

Crohns, Cushings & Your Feet

kurt mad this on his etsy store- Piggy and Dirt. I call it the
"Ramses Star."
It is just cool and has to make an appearance on here often.
Okay, I saw a friend's son get some braces on his teeth and it inspired a blog.
First off, you don't have to have any of the illnesses above, have worn braces or a retainer, or have problem walking on your feet.
Because I have all of the above happen to me, I have done some research.
Cause I went to get fitted for my sleeker ankle brace and wearing kineasio tape is smaller than the boot, which helps me with blood circulation and stability when the boot was too bulky.
DonJoy MaxTrax Ankle ROM Walker
(Cute, huh? Mine doesn't even have this hinge..... insurance only covered the basic. In fact, while searching for a picture for this post, I found a bunch of braces at the, that would have helped much more. They wouldn't have caused the problem of trying to match my other foot to the height of the brace. Or make my walk a gaited sort of thing. WOW! Have I been in the dark. But I would have had to pay only half a grand for one....)
I got into the research after my P.T. put on KT brand tape on an ankle.
The brand KT (which is a kinesiology tape) fell off after two hours.
Initially, I thought this was brillaint! Save on tape!
I recalled Coach L. wrapping my poor shins EVERY day during track season. 
My shins suffered the worst pains while running. Thank you, thank you, for doing this for me~
either way....
She would spray tacky stuff on my leg, then wrap it in a gauze like tape then put on white tape that felt like a cast.
Oh, boy. Do I owe her! And she taught me how to tape ankle sprains, etc.
 So when P.T. used a pre-cut kineeosiology tape that helps blood flow to the area, I was impressed.
Until it only lasted a little while.
Then I found some tape and reiews on Amazon: has a loto of info on how to tape different places- and this is a guy. I hope.
Rock Tape brand seemed to win out.
According to Amazon review and then I
Then I found some guy named Jon Vonhath who wrapped people's feet who were running marathons in the sweaty jungles of the Amazon and he said he felt Strength Tape won out over Rock Tape.
So I got Rock Tape. Trying it out all over my much needed injured body and will try Strength tape next. I will and give you Readers the results.
Here is an original post from some time back about all this and before my esophagus decided to set me back a bit........

Since I had to go through the social torture of wearing head gear and then silver braces on my teeth, it should only follow that I have had big bulky 'braces' on my feet.

(Not one, but TWO at a points, Readers! )

My awesome Podiatrist finally had to give the all clear for a new, sleeker brace due to my situation.

Yes, the Crohns, Prednisone induced Cushings, and the Car incidents have left me with some problems with my feet.
 (i.e. arthritis, tendonitis, spurs, impingements, rolling them right and left, some muscle wasting...)

Some excruciating pain caused by the fasciia on the feet has been mingled in with a bunch of other things.  Boy, howdy. Planter fasciitis can hurt and I thought it would be temporary! Which it can be if you do stretches, wear your braces at night to straighten them out. Especially if bed ridden- you gotta have them stretched in those bulky boots!

I recalled my neighbor had a surgery to help her fasciitis so it could heal her feet and get rid of the pain.  and so I wondered if I could have that done.


  Too high of a dose of prednisone to under go into a surgery the surgeon said to me. ????? Great!

My podiatrist said it could just tear on its own, that would save some money... and that would save a surgery. Was he kidding? I am not sure. Until it happened.

I thought it did a few months back when I had bruises on the bottom of both feet, within just a few days of each other. Chance? I have no idea.

I went to the Dr. and he said it was just tearing of the fasciia- it hadn't torn all the way through! And he let me feel the bumps on what felt like a string along the bottom of my foot.

Ugh! I still have to let it do it on its own!

 Auto-immune diseases attack everything. (Which is what Crohns is) Your gut. Which you and everyone else thought stopped at the stomach. Come to find it is all connected and even your brain gets to join in on the fun.

(Yes, brain. The research is there. And it's sobering, but boo- hoo, whatya do? Start a blog!) So it added to the plantar fasciia fun and I have impinged areas, areas needing to be debrided, and bone spurs.

It sounds like some rural, rancho jargon. So the podiatrist had me keep it steady by

wearing a big fat brace on the "unstable ankle for SIX weeks."

Six weeks, Readers!

The foot SURGEON also said it is "unstable" and, yes- you need to have surgery buuuuutttt are on prednisone. Soooooo we will have to wait until you're not on that much of it. He used words like impingement. And when I had an MRI done on it, it showed he was right.

I was near tears as they pushed it forward and stuck it in the small, high tech new MRI machine at Mountain View Hospital. Even the country music playing over my headphones didn't help. I had to re-schedule.

Me being off of prednisone is like trying to stop it from blowing in Idaho.

Well, another Dr. can't let me taper further down off it cause it will allow Crohns to crash in on my life. Like the two people who rear ended cars I was in the last few months. Crashes bite.

Too  much prednisone to go under anesthesia without huge risk of infection and you just may not wake up from it.  I am not risking that. I don't think I will even do the surgery because it isn't even a guarantee and they could mess up nerves, etc.

So that left me wearing the boot for awhile....... and then another one for a sprained ankle.

Readers, it's hard to get any sort of clothing that "goes" with a boot like that. Yeh, it's black and the color goes with everything... but that's it.

Just walking around makes me feel awkward in a world of people wearing normal shoes. I never thought I would miss my shoes so much. Or dread getting up, looking down at the things.

But I just thought of my little friend McKay who has worn braces on his legs for his whole life. He even had an injury that meant a brace OVER a brace. When I sub taught one week I helped him for a week.

A part of me wants to get the floating bone in the crink of my ankle out, the bone spur sanded down, and other times: to heck with maybe getting infections. I want to walk!

So guess what?
I'm goin' to Arizona!

Kidding. Actually I'm just getting "fitted" for what is called:
 "The Arizona brace."

 Which I have no clue what it is, really. And why it is called that. Proably cause it is hot to wear... And I'm already sweating like it is August. Thanks prednisone. And Cushings. Oh, and Crohns.
(all symptoms.)

I just barely looked online to find out what the story is on this brace named after a state.  The fitting looks easy enough. However it doesn't look like it will fit a lot of my shoes which I was under the impression it would be some Star Wars, sleek, brace that hinders my life in no shape or form.

Either way, Readers, I'm goin' to have it done this week!

(*Kidding I had to re-schedule due to Crohns rearing its ugly head and so it is actually later...... oh, boy.)

My unstable right ankle will be released soon into its new home in the Arizona brace.  I am anticipating some serious, life changing stuff here. For one, no more huge black moon boot.


So these syndromes, illnesses, blah, blah, have meant I have stuck out like a sore ankle with a huge black boot on it. We haven't even been able to really get to any therapy for it since my whip lashed neck has been front and center at Physical Therapy.

It is amazing how it is all connected, and how bad some things can hurt. I haven't written about it until now because I was afraid, I guess.

 I have wanted- no I HAVE cried myself to sleep at night due to my neck and spine. I mean who has Crohns and cushings and then someone rear ends them? Twice?

  I am not looking forward to being married to this "piece of equipment" for the rest of my life.

But it is looking like I am going to. They could try to debride my ankle. - I just want the bone spur that is tearing at the tendon off- but it is pretty risky due to infection due to prednisone.
Which I am married to.

Update: Well, I was fitted for a black leather brace. That is able to mold to the foot but requires a size bigger shoe. So it is still bulky.

I saw a man, who is an orthotist- he makes braces for people. The office had all sorts of examples of what I could have or use. And he has a huge collection of Mickey Mouse stuff. Probably to help kids not be afraid of having to wear a brace for life or something.

This Arizona one is an AFO. I forget the acronym. So I will see if this can help me find relief when I go to Wal-Mart

"This is just a tool."

 Bruce reassured me. "You don't wear it all the time. Only when you know you have that trip to Wal-Mart, etc."

What he doesn't know is that my feet hurt all the time- that I could trip at any moment. That I have drop foot that could cause me to trip on the stairs. So does that mean I wear that thing, use that tool for around the clock?

What do I do? Rock tape has to be the answer. Image result for picture of rock tape

And Physical Therapy. I have fought through a lot of pain to make it through sessions that I wonder if they help or trigger my auto-immune problems.

They have helped my neck after the whip lashes from the wrecks. It is a loooooooong path to getting better. And I am so thankful for Padre being able to get me there. It seems meant to be.

There is a lot that needs fixing on my body. But I would like to walk without the burning and pain. And where it radiates.
This girl is becoming my Cushings Mascot.

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