Monday, September 28, 2009

Stay- at -Home -Daughter Diaries

Oct. 12th
I have a confession. Most of the texts I receive are from my Dad. This surprises my friend, Carolyn. And once she pointed out to her own father the kind of communication my father and I have on a regular, daily basis.

"My dad travels a lot, so he will call me etc." Carolyn replied: "So does mine." Hmmm. With out looking at the texts he sends me I can't really pin point a good explanation. So I thought about today's texts. The first came and said: "I don't know about Rush's (Rush Limbaugh) 1st and 2nd hour, but his third hour is a must." And he played it for us tonight on his ipod. He will relay messages to me if someone is trying to get a hold of me. One came today as I was driving to the football game. Tonight I shot one to him: "Keep it down up there, trying to sleep." He replied: "Not much noise up here, you must be hearing things." And so on. Finally I got J down and came up to upload photos on the blog. Couldn't find the most recent. uh-oh. But luckily it was his mistake, he'd put them on the hard drive during the Nikon transfer. He found why that was and found it was defaulting incorrectly and if he just had more time, he could watch all the photos upload. But he is really busy. Which he is. I am glad he is here to fix things, but then he tries to explain the why. I heard words like: "D300. And "oh, that number is showing military time on the up load" and I just turn off. I told him so and he went into a discours on if someone like me is doing this so often they might want a pointer or two. The 'pointers' get lengthy.
So it is in the middle of the night and he is explaining. Then he realizes it is late. That every night he gets to bed, late because there is always, uploading, sychronizing, talk radio and whatver he does, to do before bed. And that is what makes him a great dad. I better go rub his feet.

Well, today (Oct. 11th) was another for the record. I was getting in a Sunday nap. The one where you wonder if the soroe throat is a pre-cursor to H1N1 or if it is just the usu cold. Anyway there was a lot of commotion coming from Dad. come to find out my little one had decided to pour Apple juice in the garage. Since the cold weather we put the juice out there. Inticing the kids that come to jump with Jaden for a drink. Except today they missed the paper cups and there was sticky apple juice on the floor.

I turned on the hose and in my skirt (too tired to change after church) and my wellington boots, I sprayed down the garage. As I swept the water out into the drive using the big sweeper we went over the rules of using the garage. Don't get in it. Very difficult when that is a kids' home base that he shares with his Grandpa.

so we settled on if he needs juice, come ask, have an adult pour it. Drink it on the grass. After the juice note we wrapped up playing and still he had caller ring the door bell around 7. I had to tell them he was going to bed soon. Unfortunately the drapes were drawn and he could see the fun start out in the street.

He sat on the couch and folded his arms and said: "They are having a lot of fun. And I am having LESS." My brother Dan asked: "How much less?" J: "A LOT."

This is usually the look I get from my Dad. Here he is fixing another of my messes, well it's Jaden's fishing line. But when we get to the end of our rope we hand it to Dad!

Well, I snuck upstairs to blog. Dad already started to scan the computer... yikes. But he just got in the shower. He takes a looong time in there so I am ok. He doesn't waste water either, he puts it on a low trickle or something. And then he puts on his talk radio that he plays from his special speakers hooked up to his ipod. If anyone deserved to meet a couple of conservative talk show hosts, it would be him. He works for the phone company so we have speaker phones through out the house that act like well, speakers. So you can intercom or put on any kind of talk show over them and you are obliged to listen unless you pull out the cord. Which I have done in two rooms that I won't mention. Anyway, I just barely heard the shower start. So we're good.

This needs to be a new part of my blog. Because I have some great stories.
They mainly have to do with how my Dad and I can drive each other crazy. Last night was a classic case. I am trying to plog/upload pictures. He is trying to 'synchrinize' his treo on the computer. Then he is trying to upload the information from the Weather Station. Not on TV mind you but the one he owns. It is a little black device that fits in both hands that sits on the baker's rack in the kitchen.

So if you are curious what the minimun and maximum temperature inside and outside is, boom it's right there.

He showed this to me last night as he was attaching wires to the computer like a hospital patient getting set up for a an EKG. I was blogging and he was working around me.
Then we have a debate over the use of the computer. What it's important uses are and why what I am doing doesn't fall into that category and he wins because any use he has is important, because it is his computer.
When it gets late we get cranky.
Mom had smartly gone to bed. I quickly wrapped up what I was doing and turned off the computer BEFORE scanning it for viruses. This is a NO NO. It is done religously each night and my Dad likes to be the one to do it. so he fired it back up after reminding me that I'd forgotten. : )

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