Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Josh Hult

I am so grateful tonight. We were out at the house Josh Hult grew up in. I didn't know that Josh was doing so well... or who he was in fact until a guy in Utah told us.

We were at the skatepark there and Jared told us about him. I faintly recalled the name and when I told my fam in Idaho, I found out he went to school with one of my brothers. So we went to his folks house and they showed us where Josh hit the slopes in his back yard. Jaden was chomping on the bit to get out on the half pipe. Weeds are covering a lot of it since he has been away. We moved the muddy signs that were on the half pipe and Jaden rode for awhile.

Tonight Ms. Hult called Josh and asked if he would go to the skate park with Jaden on Tuesday. (He has a Dew Tour event in SLC and then is coming home to IF) He said yes!

We are thrilled! Before we left tonight Sandy gave us one of his jackets. Neat.

I appreciate good people who are so willing to help out.I talked to her a bit about her life and found that she had been in the Air Force as well as his Dad. Then his Dad joined the army. A neat, humble, hard working family. No wonder they had kids turn out like they did!

After we left the Hult's we went over to the Wackerli's. I grabbed Kerrie's bike she lets me use and we raced a couple times. He beat me. Fair and square.

Tired we came home and got him shined up in the tub then ate watermelon and strawberry ice cream from Reeds Dairy. Oh, my. yum. he added a Ding Dong to it.

Then he read Dr. Suess ABC's. Perfect ending to a perfect night.

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