Monday, September 28, 2009


Earlier I posted the "last" string bean picking before a frost. I must have subconscously been hoping for that because I have picked them twice since them. Hardy little fellows.

I was out there amongs the strewn toboggans and toys and was picking what I hope is the last bag when I recalled that I have had some reactions to the raw beans. My allergies are bad and the sticky leaves make my arms itch. But the show must go on right? So I start snapping them, the juice flying on my forearms, I am eating them too and my right arm starts to sweel a bit. Uh-oh. Flash backs to the Allergy Testing I did awhile ago. Remember Hithc? It was almost like his experience with the seafood.

Just one ear decided to blow up and then I had a sytemic reaction. So I came in and took the Benadryl and applied the pink Caladryl. this might change up next year's garden items I know what you are all thinking: "But canning beans is so fun!" I know, I KNOW! But I can't take the chances. I'm a mother!

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