Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to School: Happy as a Clam

Memories are resurrected on the first day of school. The smell of school supplies, brand new clothes and shoes, come back to me more than the actual aspect of going. The thought of this made me anxious to get Jaden ready to go to 1st grade!

The last few weeks we have worked on getting school supplies. It made me giddy! Sure we could have gone down stairs and rummaged through the old Schwann's Ice Cream tin to find crayons. But getting a fresh new set from Wal-Mart is the best way to start the year right! And anyway, when you open it the smell of crayon is so over whelming, you about pass out! When this year is over we can add these to the tin!

Jaden was excited to get two spiral notebooks for school journals, now he can be just like mom and record events of the day, ideas, and dreams.

I asked different moms about lunch ideas and we headed to the Albertsons. Picking out granola, chocolate chips, and coconut for gorp; fresh fruit and deli meat for sandwiches.
I made a menu for the week and bought the meat etc. At the meat counter the butcher helped us get fresh Salmon for Tuesday and steak for Wednesday. Jaden started to ask about the clams. He had never had one and wanted to know if they were alive. Doris was so nice, she gave him one and told us to boil it; that it would open right up after that. And, yes, it was still alive!

Afterward we went to Michelle's to really clean out the van and let J play with his cousins.
I put our food in the fridge until we left to keep it cool. The clam experiment was soon forgotten as Jaden scrubbed floor mats, rode a kid's green pit bike, and listened to James' band play Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In the back of my mind I thought to myself: "Where did that clam go?" It had traveled from J's shorts pocket, to mine at the check out counter. Did it fall out? I didn't see it in the car as I washed and scoured. Must be baking on the lawn somewhere at Michelle's!

This morning bright and early Jaden popped out of bed! (see if it continues) He put his Superman lunch box in his bag, ate Peaches and Cream and we took his picture out front. First dady of First grade!

Then we walked to the van, I opened it and immediately was choked with, you guessed it, clam. Horror of horrors. Gagging I opened windows and my memory rewound with great speed to the moment I put the clam in his car seat beverage container. Clam must be a great memory trigger.

There in a little puddle was the gifted clam. Our easy morning speed was throttled into over drive, I hauled the seat out carefully, turned the hose on and washed it. Now we were mildly off schedule. I threw it back in and we drove to school with out noses plugged.

The culprit:

We met Mrs. Hill and Jaden showed me his 'tiny' desk. Placing his supplies on his miniature desk, I kissed him and walked back to my car. I wonder if from now on Jaden and I will always think of the First Day of School with the same revolting wonder as this morning?

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