Thursday, September 10, 2009


A list of all the great stuff that comes out of Jaden's mouth.

"I would vote yes on that school levy, Mom. - Those 6th graders are ALWAYS beating up on the kindergartners." 2010

"Now what is mistle toe, and why do we have to kiss it?"

"Ask Jesus what He wants for Christmas, mom." "What do YOU think he wants, Jaden?" (pausing for an answer like: us to be "nice" etc.) His reply:  "Probably a new bathrobe."

Jaden on Day Care: (mind you he has been to one.) One day I was picking him up from the one he did a stint at while I was in college. The owner came up to me and told me how he said: "this is a really clean day care." Lulu said with tears in her eyes: "the parents will comment on the day care, but he is the first child to do so."
He was age 5.

One night I asked Jaden what I could do to be a better mom. "Cookies. More cookies, mom."

After helping Jaden one night during the time he had his tonsils removed he said: "You make me feel like a chocolate chip."

"You Mineral!" Jaden hollered at me when he was angry about something.

"A grader called me, dude. Can you believe that? A GRADER. This was when he was still a kindergartner.

"That kid is going to go big." Another grader said when Jaden dropped in the bowl at the Tauthpaus Skate Park and then popped out.

"Why do I have to go to 'Peach' Therapy, mom?" Jaden as we headed to Speach  (Speech : )Therapy. age 3.

At a McDonalds my son became covered in BBQ sauce after dipping nuggets. I gave him a napkin and then had to dodge it when he tossed it back to keep it from getting on my white shirt. A worker there chuckled and after catching my eye said: "Typical Boy." My four year old replied: "I am not typical."

It amazes me that kids will take in what we love or enjoy and apply to their lives to describe to us how they feel... My son at 31/2 would said: "Mom, you're my American Flag." I also was told I was his "Chocolate Bunny, and Diet Coke."

"Mom, put your girly deodorant on and I will put on my boyly deodorant."

After ordering some PJ's from a magazine that he'd helped pick out I received them in the mail and wore them. That night he saw them and asked if they'd popped out of the magazine.

One day I asked my 3 year old if I could have a hug and he replied: " Well yes! I was wondering whne you were going to give me one!"

I let him like the wooden spoon after I'd whipped up brownie mix. He stuck the big spoon into his mouth turning his lips into a crescent shape. Finally I grabbed the pan to put in the oven. "Hey, where you going with that? I was going to eat it." I replied: "It needs to cook." He said: "It'll turn into a brownie?"

One morning he came up stairs and said: "I am wearing my batman shirt to school for looks, that's all."

One cold April day I'd promised to go on a walk but was tired so I told my 4 year old: "I don't know if I have the energy to make it too far  on the walk."  His solution: "I have some energy you can have."

He was four and we were on our way to Yellowstone National Park. he brought a four wheel toy to play with in the car. As we entered Island Park he yelled: "Mom, look a forest! Grab my 4-wheeler!" when we stopped to look at Elk and Buffalo by a river just in the park he jumped out and asked: "Where's the dirt?"

After eating chicken for dinner one evening he said: "That hit the earth! I mean right where I like it."
"You mean that 'hit the spot'? " I clarified. "Yeah, that."

My four year old drew a semi-circle in the newly rotitilled garden and said it was a track meet for worms. "And these these (bumps in it) are the turtles. "(hurdles) He picked up his first contestant and replied: "Ah, look, mom it fell asleep in my glove!"

At age four he'd say: "Have you had a hug yet?" I replied: "Nope."  "Here I come then."


  1. Raleigh and I read these together and had some good laughs!

  2. He's brilliant... but then you probably already knew that!


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