Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boober Bay

Itsy -bitsy- tickler is asleep so I can finish blogging!

The other day Jaden and I passed a land mark in Utah and I said: "Oh, look what pretty sails above Willard Bay. Jaden shot a look out the window and incredulously said: "THAT is Boober Bay?" (See Dr. Seuss' How Lucky You Are book about the folks who have to build a bridge out over Boober Bay on Bum Ridge.)

"no, no, WILLARD Bay."

We just read Charlotte's Web-- and are at the point where Wilbur is going to find out about why he is being fattened up. I love this book. Another hilarious read is Runaway Ralph but it is great in the car as you drive to listen the guy make the motor cycle sounds.

Oh, and I am getting into the violinist David Garrett. I heard him in a friend's car belting out Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson. he plays amazing and then you see him and OH, Boy. He is NOT ugly. I wish I could go see him play back east. He takes the classics and then rock like Metallica. I have always loved the violin especially when my little sister would play the George Strait song: Amarillo.

What am I doing up? I am hitting the sack!

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  1. Amanda...I love your blog! You have a very natural style of writing that's a little addictive. :) I'm so glad you started doing this...beyond whatever escape it provides for you, these great stories are going to be pricesless for Jaden when he's older. My public blog is if you want to visit. Its mostly pictures and silly stuff. I also have a private one just for my own personal journaling and such. I'm not good at sharing :) One of these days we're going to take a break from our crazy lives and sit and visit. Maybe lunch sometime? Talk to you soon! Anna


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