Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fit Mothers

I can't stop giggling at this Willy Wonka poster.

Mother's Day is approaching.... and being in tip top physical condition, when a mother, is tough.

Some make a daily trip to the gym. And that is cool, don't get me wrong. But not everyone can afford the gym....

Some teach at the Y to help out and get out. That is awesome too. And then there are some that I catch running or walking really early in the morning. I air high five them as I pass by on my way to... somewhere that early. Must have been an early coloscopy or something.

Being able to run a marathon is awesome.
This is just un "unfit mother's" perspective. From a bed ridden, at times,  stand point.

I don't know if I would have been one of those people if I hadn't gotten ill, driving an XTerra and putting stickers all over it with my accomplishments.

So I gadge myself next to my friends that I have now.

And I am happy to say I have some of the coolest that range in lots of cool directions. Some are very athletic. Some got into different life time sports. Some are older and motor bike in the hills. Some are
uber smart plus do races.

Funny story on this biker friend... once she was at the bottom of a tough climb and the guys ahead of their group said how tough it was and had fallen back down. As they deliberated one of my friend's sons made it up. Then the Dad. Then my friend.

One of the guys at the bottom, who hadn't made it up, said: "Jesus, Momma!"

That is a cool compliment. I want a cool compliment! Actually, I have one about me that I will share at the end of my brag blog after I brag about my friends.

My friends are now all into road biking, etc. Some of them even do HARD races. Like ones in other countries.... wow. Who does that? Okay, only one person I know. But still. Wow.

 I have no idea how they are my friends.

One friend in college even said that it was me that got her into running.

Heck, I was just trying to endure the time away from my sweetheart.... so I pounded pavement until my lungs failed me in my Freshman year, I had some infection that made walking up hill in Rexburg in the dead of winter to classes, really crappy. Stupid pluerisy. (infection of the sack around your lungs)

Some were getting into snowboarding and I was getting arthritis. Gosh, dang it! There are alot of people that will put some sorta sticker on their car that says Ragnar. (one of those hard races)

The cars wearing them are usually pretty sweet. But my friends that run and bike, don't. They don't show off that they are major athletes still. Or started after HS. Like J.J. She was B team and then became AA team after Jr. High and HS. Dang her.

I love that they don't brag. But I did love when my friend's husband said he DID want his T-shirt outta the 1,ooo K race.

 ha, ha!

Why do we love shirts that show what we did??

or if we attended a volleyball camp in Utah?

My point is that I love the humility that I see in people. Some of my closest friends will not tell me what they have done but it is accidently dropped by a bystander about some amazing feat

And my. jaw. drops.
Hi. FIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!! FRiEnDs!!!

I am so not like that. And need to be,.

What I am doing is getting on the Blog, blogging about my achievements as soon as they fall out of my body. Like enduring a cavity filling. I want a shirt for that, Dr. O,.

So it sucks that Mother's Day is coming and

 I am not a Fit Mother.

Dang it. I really wanna be in the club.

The closest I got to a cool thing was as I was waiting for J. at the bottom of a mountain by the Grand.
I had my cane.

It's floral.

I look like a potato. And walk like one.

It sucks. But I have skied before on that mountain and it was a blast talking to J. about certain runs and the moguls through a little place.

So I was sitting on an adirondack chair in the sun and it was hot, people. I mean, Readers. It was gorgeous. I was about to pinch myself. But a family from Utah cruised down and started to eat lunch and sit and enjoy around me and we got talking.

My story spilled out, of course. His daughter had had cancer and so he talked about her and then that opened up my story.

He was drinking a beer from a glass and the sun caught its golden color and made the objects around it gleam as I squinted to look up at him.


Sorry. Mom. And Readers. But he swore and sat up and looked at me with awe. Yes, awe. I wanted to ask, "What? Did I say something wrong?"

But I was busy feeling really cool about myself. That is the best compliment as of lately about being a cool mom.

This man, his wife was there too, was astounded about me.

* Okay, I am editing this and it is a day after the cavity and I am having some flu or bluck from the cavity filling. I hurled in the sink. Sorry, Padre. I will have it cleaned before you get home.

Where was I?? Oh, yeah, editing being  in shape for mother's day....

hhhmmm..... J. is in here and we are battling fractions even though my stomach is doing back flips. ugghhh... I have Crohns disease and all this other stuff now. But I got on the tramp with him and I looked like an

 Octopus in the reflection in the window.

Wowzers, I need to get in shape, for sure!

And why does math always have to go way into the NIGHT!!!

 It took me two weeks after basketball season to get into shape for Track season and they were back to back. So I am thinking that if I have only four more days until Mom's day that leaves me only so many hours to get fit divide that by the fact that I have major trunkel obesity, multiplied by a bad ankle and pulled muscles, factor in the pinched nerves or inflammed tissue around the hip and other joints, all this added together at the speed of light.... I don't stand a chance.

But it is hard when you can't walk. When your veins burst doing the simplest things. It hurts.
I wish they gave out shirts for helping kids with math. That's what I'm talking about.

Forget climbing Mt. Everest.; try helping kids with learning disabilities (not J. btw.  I volunteer with some of these kids and... whoa. Doing the same thing

Even when you are sick?

Does that make me a fit mom?
That makes you one. Even if you;re a guy, that makes you a nurturing parent. don't want to leave you fellas out.
Laters. I can't write anymore.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laughing vs. Crying Gas

Getting a cavity is the worst.

You feel guilty for one. Not flossing after each meal along with brushing. It's like a scarlett letter of the mouth; penance paid for past wrong dental hygiene.

And that isn't including the drilling, tooth dust filling  your nose, and then the dental instrument hits a nerve that wasn't deadened by the shot that felt like they used a machine gun to wiggle a needle into your cheek, so as to help the hurt of filling a cavity. *

wahhahhah! Makes me cry to write this tonight.

BUT! I always handled it relatively well in the past. And sorta joked and laughed at my friend who was petrified of the place. Until now.

The dental seats were changed today. I had not been looking forward to today for a few weeks. So I asked for some laughing gas to help me endure the filling and hope that my body could absorb the shock of the work needing to be done. Adrenaline wise.

Shortly after arriving at my dentist's, checking in with his long time receptionist, I settled in for what I thought could be a nap, what with the laughing gas and all.


They put a gas mask over my nose and I talked a lot. then stopped. Talking that is.

 They put the gel on my gum and went to give me the shot. In it went and OUCH!!!!!

Oh, my. I thought the gas would help more than that! Apparently I'm immune now. Great. My dentist had them switch the tanks cause it looked like the other one was low. He gave me extra time to get chuckling. But I didn't start chuckling. I started crying.

Crying! I was so thankful for my dentist as I lay there under the gas' enfluence. I was thankful for the wind blowing outside the window and the bright sunshine, because it was supposed to be really cold and rainy. Which did happen but not until during J's outdoor baseball game.

They normally don't play indoors, I just had to emphasize that it is OUT SIDE in the weather.
ugh. Poor kids.

So there I was crying and then he was drilling and I was still trying to talk and bare my testimony of life and bicycle riding and then he hit a nerve. Oh, no. How deep was this cavity? It actually wasn't deep at all. What the.... I am a complete woos.

No strength. Nada. I was now crying tears of pain. wah.

Later, after I'd checked off all that I needed to probably share with a different venue,  had my dentist promise to take J. and I fishing with his family, and he memo-ed himself a note to have his wife call me, I had the post laughing gas feeling. (we are friends and went to school together.)

Which is a cross between a migraine and the stomach flu. And a deep sense of stupidity for saying all you said. And cried. And will be getting a call from your friend who will think something serious needs to be talked about.

My daily quota just ran out. More when it hurts less. And when my cheek heals from biting it while eating before the numbness wore off.

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