Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flick Trix

Well, there is a new toy. First it was the tech deck skate boards that J had fallen for and now thanks to Nick, the dirt bikes that you ride with your fingers as well.

We headed to Target to buy the 8.00 wonder and I have had a crash course in fixing bikes. Not bikes the normal size mind you-- miniature Barbie equivalent bikes. But her accesories are way bigger. These have pedals and pegs and interchangeable grips, seats. A little boy's dream. I take that back, my neighbor's son who is in HS also loves and wanted one.

The first time we bought it I was combing the carpet for a lost nut. This would be the half the size of Barbie's earring.

Then I spent time searching the car for the pedal and crank that had flown off after a "crash". With the help of a flashlight and re-arranging the car seats we were able to get it! Miracle! Then somehow the whole bike mysteriously went missing.

This was made worse for the owner when a bee caused him to wig out on the cement trail in Yellowstone and sent him kissing it. Ironically Jaden sustained more injury from this fall then those on his bike, granted on his bike he is wearing a helmet and gear. But I didn't think he'd need it walking. So we bandaged up a knee and an elbow and the dirt bike vanished- into toy air.

I searched the car. The parking lot. He had not left the car. After going through it a couple times, I too was convinced that one of the foreign tourists had taken it when they saw him playing with it.

So the whining was at a pinacle.

(As i write this my son is singing: "The itsy- bitsy- spider craw;ed up on Amanda's head -fingers swishing my hair- crawled all around and made a ni-ice a bed!

Jumped down to her shoulder -where he tickles my neck- and climbed down to the fl-oor. and the itsy0bitsy spider crawled out the door!"

Back to the car where we left the park in tears. because we'd just got the new bike and its accessories the day before and it was now a lost toy.

Outside of West Yellowstone Papa said: "Did you look in the camera cooler." He puts the camera in a cooler and it happened to be back by us on the floor but he moved it, right about the time the bike disappeared. He opened it and there it was.

The lost toy prayer once again miraculously answered! So glad all these faith promoting events happen.

Well, I am ticklish and can't finish this post with Jaden itsy bitsing me.

We have a dragon fly (nicknamed 'Dragon') to let loose and toys to put away before bed.

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