Friday, September 25, 2009

Toboggans in Summer

My Dad's air compressor worked handily tonight to get the dirt off Jade.
He jumped from the tramp and a cloud of dust wound around him like a Snoopy character.

That's what happens when you ROLL in dirt. That's not sarcasm either. He rolls in it. His lips looked lined with it. Dark brown like he'd licked his lips and then rolled. Then licked again. I was too slow with the camera.

And then Dad lamented tonight: "I don't have one, nor two, but four toboggans in the garden. Who has that problem in the summer?" Good question. It doesn't help that we store them in the back yard. They usually end up on the tramp. But today it was the garden. Dirt is everywhere.

He just came in and asked how long it will take him to earn 60 for a air hog or something. I am mean because I won't buy it for him!

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