Friday, September 25, 2009

Mr. Bun

I got onto the site: Writer's and checked out the topics I could enter my work into. I had a dream the other day that seemed Stephenie Meyer (meaning it was a single thought and I needed to branch from there) well once I started and tried to connect the themes in 4k words or less, it looked lame.

However I am going to keep plugging along with it and see what happens, if anything it will be good practice.

We have had several play dates at our house lately. Poor Padre is getting up there in age and is going through all of this again! The garden is now designated for making jumps. Which serious gardeners do NOT do in their gardens. But I think that this summer we will make the exception. We have plenty of canned beans coming out of our ears.

Well today we have two sisters over and it is 14 mintues into the play date and they have informed me that we do not have enough girl toys. After listening to the exact dolls that they like to play I asked if they wanted to play with the Cabbage Patch dolls. Nope. Hm. Um, how about the little plastic dress up ones? Nope. The other gals we have had over and my niece, love to play with Jaden's swords, skateboards,etc etc. So we have not had any problems. Til today... I am at a loss. Just boy stuff. Looks like today's date will end a bit early or the blogging will.

Suddenly a comic from Calvin and Hobbes comes to mind, when Suzie comes over and wants to play house with Calvin and he is incensed because she wants to pretend that 'Mr. Bun ' is their baby. All of this is in classic adult looking cartoonage.

One of the sister's came in and asked me to call their mom. Then she said: "All he wants to do is fight with swords. And do this" (she punches the air, which must mean fake fighting.)But she did say: "Our brother would really like it here you have a lot of trucks." whew. I did find that the sprinkler was on drenching the swing set and they said they'd stay if we dried it. That is a good thing because I tried their mom and she isn't home. I handed them some towels and they are drying off the swing set.

I want all the Calvin and Hobbes for Christmas.

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