Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bike Tip

Seems a shame to call Jaden in on such a lovely evening as tonight. We will postpone bedtime for the sake of a beautiful evening.

Since I have enjoyed riding bikes so much with Jaden I have to share the tip. Our neighbors have a small bike with no shanks. Mark bought it and stripped off the pedals and chain. He explained that the training wheels make the kids lean and not learn balance. While on the skeleton bike, they pad around and eventually get confident in coasting with their feet drawn up, keeping them straight and balanced. Then once they are ready they move to a bike of the same size with the equiptment. Jaden took right off. He couldn't brake for two weeks which required racing into people's lawns to stop. But eventually we taught him the back ward motion.

I bought gloves with out finger tips that have a little gel for padding and then we eventually bought some normal ones. These help tremendously. I didn't use pads until he was going to the skate park in the bowl. Just jeans and a long shirt and he seemed to do fine!

Happy trails!

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