Thursday, November 19, 2015

A "Colorful" LIfe with Crohns, Cushings, Cash and Kids.

Mirror Babies- 3 inch stars using colored mirrored glass
Kurt rolled out some sparkly star babies, on his etsy store:piggy &dirt- all stars on post will be theirs.


    Boy, have I missed you!  Being locked out of the blog and being under the weather made it hard to get to you! So many things have happened that amazed, phased, and dazed me.

Where do I start?? 

How about with Sandy? She was the team lead service rep for Kohls call center, located in the Philippines, that took my phone call about a mistake Kohls made when I shopped one of their big sales. I have learned a valuable lesson.

Always, always check your receipts, watch the item go through and see if it adds to you total for good OCD measure, AND, when they say the money has been put back on your card- they may mean their card as a credit. Not your card/card you used to pay it off right after using their to get the deal.
So PAY ATTENTION or PAY through the NOSE!
*mirror and mercury decoration stars... sigh. Creativity for the Nativity never Ends!

Why? It takes two weeks to cut you a check for your return. AND if you didn't even buy the items the cashier accidently put on your card- you STILL wait two weeks.

I guess cause they use checks from over in the Philippines where 'Sandy' took my call. And where my cousin is living. She is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (

"I am not convinced, in this day and age, with the technology that we have, that Kohls can't put the money they essentially stole from me because I never chose to buy the expensive, non- on- sale Kohls card sale-shoes I brought to the counter to see if they were.  Can I talk to your supervisor?"

1st Rep- "Uh, let me talk to my supervisor."

me: in bed with an infection. and trying to unravel this mess. Hair matted. Facing west looking at my bed cane and biting my right ring finger nail down. I thought I'd broken that habit last week.

Readers, I wasn't being mean on the phone. Firm? Yes. Kohls had my money, which was substantial, card "credit" which I had failed to read would happen to me in their fine print. Side note here- I never do store credit cards. When they ask and I say: "I have never found a card that ever saved me money." It usually stops the sale tactic.

If it doesn't I just say: "I know you have to push this and I can appreciate having to do your job, but no thanks. "

 I worked at Fidelity and had sweat burn down my face as I tried to place a hard trade one minute before the stock exchange closed.- I know how it can be to serve customers and empathize with their concerns and also feel for those who have to take the heat when we are the consumer with a problem.
And problems that deal with cash bring A LOT of stress to a person.

(Like this awesome GOLD star of Piggy & Dirt's etsy account.)
Back to the story....


New Rep named Sandy: "Hi, I'm Sandy. I'm a team lead. Can I help you with your problem?"

Her English was more fluent and she didn't seem to be reading any set line of things. This is when I figured out the call center was out of the US.

She listened. I went into more detail on why this needed to be figured out and pronto. And then I was done. Close the account.

Then something amazing happened. We started just chatting.

Sandy: "You played sports before you became sick?"

ME: "Yes. I loved them! They were my life. I considered myself an athlete. This changed all that."

Sandy: "What was your favorite? I love volleyball!"

ME: "That was my favorite! There is nothing like the feel of worn leather in your hands or being able to serve it to a place on the other side of the court. What position did you play?"

Sandy: "I didn't play it. We just watched it on TV. Yeh, we were too poor for teams."

Silence.  (from me)

Before we'd been off the record, I'd asked for details about who I was talking to, check numbers, location of the call center; all the details I would need if the money wasn't back when it was said to be back and I had to place my 6th attempt at getting to the bottom of this. That's when I learned she was in the Philippines.

My cousin is there, like I said. I looked back about how I mentioned the situations my cousin had dealt with- the poverty, dirt floors and metal shanties. Food messing with her insides. Washing clothes in a bucket. Was this her story?

I felt guilty for talking up all the things that are wonderful about life when you are healthy and traveling. She mentioned the great beaches there and wondered if my cousin was going there.

ME: "Uh, no. We don't go over to vacation. One day a week is off but that is hard to make a jaunt to anywhere but the supermarket and get our clothes cleaned."
Sandy: "Your life seems so colorful."

Me- I blinked a few times as I lay in my bed in the dark. I looked around my room at the stars lit up by my Starry Lights put on at 30%. I was in the dark but I had to admit, I had a ton of color around my room.

My Fall wreath and Autumn window decorated in Piggy & Dirt Stars.


 Pictures by J.

With my words  I wove a few words, that, to Sandy,  in a 3rd world country, was a story and life

  full. of. color.

Sandy continued concerning color in life: "I want to try to make my life more like yours; more colorful." 

ME: Jaw drop.

I am still fighting this infection. I still have Crohns. I have Cushings Syndrome. I am a C. Diff survivor.

She doesn't know the extent of the last twenty years worth of the whole battle, I don't know hers, either. But it doesn't matter. Yes, there has been suffering on both sides.

But, like these mirror stars Kurt came up with to sell, I have a choice to allow my mind to focus on the dark or the light and mirror that to others. I can give them something to look to. The cause of why I have this light is Christ. Period.

Silver Stripes- 9 inch mirror center and lacquered paper on glass  points
It takes turning His light on in our lives; whether by a string of lights or an inner light and the reason why we can find the strength to do that in the midst of darkness due to whatever  happens in our life, i

Thank you to my friends who have texted and talked into the night with me as I have battled. It has taken me awhile to get on here and post. I hope that it helps someone. Please, Sandy, write my PO Box! Thanks for helping me hold on another night. You hold on, too.

So, Sandy, it seems that may be her "work name", did a GOOD job of helping me to not be as stressed out as I was toward Kohls. It is too bad I couldn't base my decision as a card holder based on my chat with Sandy.
If the company were Sandy, I would have stayed. She deserves the kudos.

Holidays are Here.

We have the op to celebrate the reason for our LIGHT!

Christ's Birth!
I am sorry and feel for those who are suffering right now due to evil people that have no light.
 I lay here and feel grateful that I have gone through some experiences that can help me understand their suffering in some small degree. We can show evil that we won't stop believing in a Savior. And they can't take away our light..... which is really shown in the polka poppy stars that Kurt and Becca have made at piggy&dirt etsy store.


Lately, I have been telling J. to quite hiding his talents. Mom's have a right to be hypocrites!

"J. You sing better than most of the people on the radio Why do you not do choir?"
 P.S. I read a page of a book I won't be able to finish but it solidified what I knew in my heart.
J. ruled as an athlete in football, basketball, track. And then he hit an age where he started to choose other sports that he wanted to do.

Picture courtesy of Best Made Co. Thanks, Nick. I am still trying to 'Stay Optimistic!'
J: "I sing while I work. I'm not doing choir. Band, maybe. Like the Trumpet. We'll see. "
Other recent Jaden-isms I need to chronicle for myself since I haven't journaled it.

J: "I love the sound of a two stroke" - ME: 'Wah? " Him: "dirt bike, mom."/ I love the sound of a chainsaw. it sounds like a motorcycle."

ME thinking: what is it with guys and motors?


We are blessed to be here.  I have a hope that my son will help others in the world as he develops his talents, hones in on his school work.  He's trying but told me he is only human.

Oh, I looked at the last post and it comes off looking like I DIDN'T vote. I did, Readers. I almost didn't. It can be tough to get there. So if you didn't and haven't in your life, let it go, and just start somewhere. I think we can all make a small difference.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Election Day

I forgot about my local voting, despite seeing signs for a select few around town.
When you don't feel great that is the last thing I recall to do. Which meant I should have voted absentee or early but that closes the Thursday before the elections.


I will have a treat of a couple more posts today that have been in the wings.

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