Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Roll

Yesterday we went on a walk to the T's. Played on the toys and picked apples. Even

Kade played on the jungle gym. Wrapping his monkey legs around the poles and

hanging, with my help, like a koala bear.

I made Apple Roll for dessert. Jaden said: "Mom! That is so good! You are a good

cook! Restaurants are better, but you are good for a mom!" He is the best at

compliments! Then came the hard part. Bedtime and still needing to run to the store

for milk. My mom told me a bit ago about some line out of Dr. Laura that said when

we don't go to the store at those hard moments, we show our kids that we aren't

willing to do hard things. I thought that was silly but it made me mad enough I made

it to the store. Thanks Dr. L for that motivation.

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