Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Typewriter

The Royal Quiet De Luxe

Some time back I was driving and came upon an estate sale. I stopped and immediately was drawn to a black, portable typewriter. The woman was ill and unloading everything. I bought it for $10.

She told me that it belonged to a man that lived in Island Park. He'd belonged to a wealthy family in CA. Had a falling out with his father over the fam business and moved to Idaho.

I let Jaden plonk on my Royal Quiet De Luxe sticking a few keys together before boxing it up until I moved home. Then I put it in a high place and referred to it for inspiration. I thought about looking into its worth but didn't until today.

I got on google and typed in the brand. I went to Mytypewriter' and there it was. After searching more I found that Ernest Hemingway had the exact model. That he kept the model on his desk in Key West. Then I saw pictures of him working on it. I got so excited!

'The Royal Quiet Deluxe puts you right in touch with literary histoyr-- it was one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite machines. This was the first model in a series of the Rolyal QD line that outsold any other portables of the time. It was introdced just before WWII, but its production was suspended when the Royal Typewriter Company, like other typewriter manufacturers in teh US at the time, was converted to an ordnance factory to produce weapons. When production resumed in 1946, the Royal QDL continued to gain a following among on the go writers and journalists. Compact, snazzy and a pleasure to write with , this workhorse model is also of my's bestseller's. '

Some things are just meant to be. So I will be reading my Rosamunde Pilcher novel: Coming Home for inspiration and editing my work. A perfect Sunday.

There are even charm bracelets with the keys around them that I fell in love with.
It was cool to go there and find that bit of history and seemed perfect that I left it for today to look into it. Because I just started a short story based in the forties. interesting.... it makes me want to start typing on it. The problem of me being on my Dad's computer: ReSolved!

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