Friday, September 11, 2009

Happiness Is....

Reading Calvin and Hobbes at bedtime and laughing so hard your sides hurt.

Making cold lunch with clips from Calvin and Hobbs and a 'Word of the day' written on a napkin.

Watching Jaden and the neighbor kids build a ramp on the grass as the warm autumn sun shines low on the horizon.

Taking Kade on a stroller ride with Jaden; stopping at all the flowers for him to pat with his big palmed long fingered hands, climbing the rocks at the Morgan's front yard and Kade tap dancing on top of them, watching him suck his thumb and giggle simultaneously as the garbled cement side walk giggles his insides.

Having to tell Jaden not put the plastic tobaggans on the tramp and jump on top of them.

Having to tell Jaden to not sit in his yellow Tonka dump truck on the tramp while the neighborkids try to 'send' him.

Telling Jaden about the broken ankle Uncle Brandon gave me trying to send me as a kid.

Talk/yelling good-byes as Jaden mosies up the street to the bus stop.

Watching Jaden run up the street to catch the bus.

Watching Jaden hop/skip/play down the street from the bus stop.

Watching the jagged tooth erupt from Jaden's gums.

Eating bacon and scrambled eggs along with pancakes topped with Amy's homemade raspberry jam for dinner.

Making Cream of Wheat in the morning and having half and half to pour on it.

Working at Jaden's elementary.

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