Monday, April 13, 2015

Wounds & the Best Band Aids


It is Bike Season. It has been weather that makes kids wanna be outdoors season. It has been the time for things to be born season.

J ushered in bike season a few weeks ago by having his first wreck of the season. - he took a turn on a black paved path covered with black pebbles of concrete around the river belt. ugh. I hate road burn on my kid. I hate when any kid has a wound but when your kid gets one....

He walked in from the ride very much holding back the emotions of sliding across the pavement with just your skin for protection. He went straight to the bathroom, cleaned out the wound and appeared some time later.

It's hard to see your kids come upona and face the pain you know they have to face. I guess I am uber sensitive to it because I have felt it and feel it.

I am grateful that I can clean up his wounds with hydrogen peroxide against his will, apply Neosporin (or its generic brand)  and put on the best band aids (Curad).

Yes, we have had to try all of them due to my thin skin and I raise my hand to vote for Curad. Sticks the best on a wound and peels off the best when you change out a dressing. And get this, Reader,
they have new ones that are long in length and perfect to wrap around those blimey cracks in your cuticles.

Don't get those? They are part of Cushings, immuno-suppression territory. I am so grateful to a friend who gave me a tub of surgeon's skin for those cracks too.
Back to J.

This is his month! The month he was born!

It has gone so fast with appts., homework, practices, that I hadn't even had time to turn a couple calendars. Okay, just one. However, I have not even written on his day; "J's Bday!" How is that for being an excellant mom!?

Actually, I feel like I have done quite well with keeping his wound clean and tonight I had to sing some of the songs I sang to him when he was younger just for old times sake.

My voice is different now! Thanks prednisone! So it was crackly as I sang: "How Great Thou Art"  but he said it was fine. Which made me feel like a million bucks. He has a way of convincing me that I am alright just as I am.

(he isn't a full fledged tween yet so I have that going for me at least another year.)

I  have been remembering this month and the circumstances of his birth and, Readers, it's pretty much a miracle.

 The more time I have to be around him, and get to know the guy, the more I love him. And the more I understand what it is to be able to put someone before myself. I"m glad for the hard times which usually are the ones we recall and can laugh about later. Or at least thank heaven for being to make it through!
It was many moons ago when I came home from an appt. with a picture of him in my hand. I immediately put the black and white ultra sound picture into a frame and when I took my nap I would open my tired eyes, look at the eye lashes that were evident in the picture, then I'd close my own again.
I was so smitten with him!

I never would have guessed that we'd go through this life and experience what we have together. Unbelievable. He has taught me so much as I have gone about trying to teach him all I could, to be there to help him through life's rough patches.

And then there are the times when I have had to let him go it alone. That is hard.

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