Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baseball vs. Football- Funny Post

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J. told me the difference between baseball and football today.
 I had to take J. to the ball park for the first baseball game of the Season and learned what made them different.
Coach said to be early.

So we were.

In fact, We were the only ones sitting there, not counting those who are across the street in the cemetary, for a long time,

 He was pitching the first couple innings and had to be there five minutes earlier than the rest of the kids.

So it was him, me, and cemetary people.
For a long time.
I think I felt the gravel settling in the parking area.

"Ya sure it was tonight?" I teased,  but to be sure I checked my phone at the text messages from his coach today.

Yup. We were at the right place, right night. So on and so forth.

So it was one of those moments J and I were stuck in a moment -like when that long train came along and we had a loooong time in the car together. When we get stuck together like this, we talk to each other deeper than surface stuff..

I get more outta him than: "How was school?" and he says: "Good." And then he is out the door to his pal's house.

These moments harken back to when he was real little and we'd have "tub talk" . Which was where he soaked in the warm water and I sat on a hard stool while he told all about everything. Or enjoyed having me read to him in there. Now it's a once in a while Pillow Talk.

We used to chat for long periods and now we'll holler from the bedrooms (each with our heads on a pillow) "Good night!" or "We forgot prayer!"  and he moans and so we try to get it done.

The day had already been packed with things my body is trying to handle doing as it readies to handle not doing so much. MOre on that later.

I had a huge task ahead of me- a return.As in an article of clothing back to the store return.

 He is now passing the sacrament and a pair of pleated pants had to go back to Kohl's. Ugh. Madre had gotten a couple to try out while  was in P.T. and now I had to get the others back out.

Getting him to his game after P.T. was pushing it.  In fact I felt the last of my strength ebbing as we talked.

After some time, I was thinking: ' where are these kids?????' Come ON! Cause I had to come back and watch him pitch and my body was winding down. Thanks, prednisone. Truly. Thank you for ruining my body and making it so it can never feel energy in the same way ever again. Thank you.

Another thing I had going against me was that they had done some new trick on me at P.T. that the boss calls Snake Venom- i.e. we don't know if it works but we try it anyway. Baaaaadddd for today.

I hurled my body into Padre's truck and wanted to bawl afterward. And so did the rest of my systems.

Where the heck was I? Oh, yeh. Sitting there talking with Jaden. I'd coaxed him to wear the new pants I got him so I could wash the others and get the knee stains out.

Okay, who am I kidding? I will mix up the famous stain mixture but someone else has to do the elbow greasing. Mel, please hurry home!

So we get really talking. Start laughing. Hear some good songs on the radio.

"Don't ya love game day?"

 I ask. Remembering and feeling the excitement like the first time you hear a great song. Seeing him there looking all cleaned up and suited up in his uniform- the thick muscles of his thigh that I pat to the beat of a song maturing like he was a teenager or something.

"Depends." he replies.

Good answer. Always answer this way. But I hate it when he uses it on me. "On what?" I sigh.

"Baseball game days are different than say football game days."

"How so?"  I ask knowing pretty much the difference.

The only thing different about today and football season was that it was actually warm and not blowing and snowing. Kidding. But it was unusual for Idaho. Baseball season is rough. And football. Weather wise.

"Football: ya got the Rabid fans up in the stands. And all the coaches giving you 'the look'"

What look is that?

He pretends to hold a clipboard and looks off in the distance with The Look- Which is basically do this or DIE in the next practice.

"Every moment and play is pumped."

"Baseball is more chill. If ya strike out. Meh. If ya hit it--- it's a good day."

: )

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