Saturday, April 18, 2015

Best in Blog

I have taken some great photos in the past.

And they are hard to find sometimes. So I am looking through them and putting them here because I like how my garden looked, how I made it look compared to what it looks like now.

There won't be a garden this year. Rock, yes. Flowers and plants, no. Why? Because I gotta heal.
So interspersed between my outloud blogging you new readers can be introduced to me and you old readers can just let your eyes gloss over like a doctor who sees a lot of patients.

Right now the trees are trying to do this:

This was the Apple Tree that we cut down. Kept wanting to grow into the telephone lines.

Here is me harvesting Rhubarb. Hence, the idea for a book that became a blog....
Morning sun and Coke help make pie.
This photo can almost bring back the feel of the water washing over my hands and the Rhubarb.
Crunching through the stalks....
Vintage bowl of Grandma's ready for the sugar:
Aww...... sugar and flour make f0r divine.
Pie that requires eaten with a spoon.
Readers, this is what I did a long time ago. When I was able.  I hurt and worked through but things have changed.
Some never do- like the game of baseball.
J heading the plate and which he will do this spring. Can anyone say: Roy Hobbs?
I pitched to this kid using only six, different sized balls.
I miss that.
Me back in that day.
I made it look easier than it was to pitch. Maybe my young un knew it. Maybe not. But it was hard.
Sun or SNOW- I got him to the hill. At Freeman- there is actually a slope and he was the first to board it. I think this was in Sept. of some year long past. I had to pull him in his tobaggan to pat the snow down, then he could "ride" it down. 1st grade.
Me n J on my real bday. (I am a Leap Year Girl)
The Garden in winter and me wanting to plant as I hand washed the dishes.
My inspiration. Which is in another room cause there is no room in my room!
(hmmm..... what would I type up to put on the Royal Deluxe today?)
Physically things are getting hard but nothing a Little Anne Frank can't encourage, no?
Her pic is in the upper left hand of the mirror.
Going to Church
Being able to wear heels..... I miss that, too.
A Perfect Petunia.
Whatever it was, I loved it.
The Last of the Mammoth Sunflowers Fall Foreshadow-
I love these views when in a garden.
Not long after we moved from Utah to Idaho. This is a favorite picture of J. and I. We read and sang before each nap and nightime.
One day, at age 2, he sang How Great Thou Art to Me. Never did it again. It was just one of those miracles.
First genuine leather mitt. Or Second. I forget.
This should catch everybody up on what inspired me to start a blog, what I love, why I write.
And give you an idea at where we have been to where we are now.....
To be continued on another post.


  1. So much like my own thoughts... Pisces, two peas in a pod!
    Rest and heal and I'm going to do a bit of that also.
    Love you much, your Aunt Annette


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