Friday, April 24, 2015

My Ball Player-His Bday

Jaden looks like a ball player.

A tween one.

He looked likes Norman Rockwell's little guys many years ago but not so much now.

My ball player is growing up.

Picking out his nicest, whitest T (he saves the grubby stuff for school and such)

he tucked the Hurley shirt into his pants, and over some serious gluets, did up the navy belt around a waist that has adult girth, and pulled navy socks over lean calves. Then I waitd as his cleats squeked over the linoleum into the living room andout the door in a dash- he jumped in Padre's truck for read for baseball practice.

As he tied up those laces Padre made sure none of the cleats went through his interior leather seats.

I had the op to see him play on a warm evening at practice. It was on the same field that we went to when he was just two and I was camera happy.

I was watching misty eyed as my boy crouched into the ready position and pushed his glasses up on his face. (hates contacts) Then the coach cracked one and he had to fling himself toward second base and snag it mid air before hitting the ground.

He knew I was there and a fan always makes you play better, eh?

But like I said-he is built like a ball player.

Football. Baseball. Basketball. Whatever.

Am I bragging? Yes. Am I right? Yes.

If he wants, those muscles of his can carry him across finish lines of a track so fast.

I did not know this when  he was young- other than he wanted to throw a ball and drool all over it like most babies and men. He just loved the game. He always has. And that meant pitching to him.

He made me pitch to him over and over. Since he was my job that's what we did. Along with bike or walk or drive a car in a circle over and over.

Before I looked like the Campbell's Soup Girl.

Instead of Cushings Syndrome being called the Ugly Disease, I liked the reference of Campbell's Soup Girl better. She's cute. Yes, the red, rounded face is there. But she's cute. My ball player says I'm cute despite this horrid side effect of being on steroids long term and finally developing the illness.

I think I will stick with it.

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