Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogs in the Snow, oh, & Dirt Storm

(Best Made Co. has a logo that I am into a X e- they specialize in making the ax and this is they have a Cross logo. It can also be a Ski Patrol logo as J. informed me- and a scripture goes with this custom made glass piece by Kurt Knuden. His etsy shop: Piggy and Dirt, includes his dear wife, Rebecca. They are a great team and can whip up what ya want if you can tell them what it is you want. They did a stellar job for this and it goes with a scripture in Alma that I will share later.)

One learns to Never take the weather for granted in Idaho.
One day I was eatin waffles in the sun. -That was fun.


then I was back to bracing myself in a Dirt Cyclone while eatin' pizza on the porch.

(Kurt Knudsen made a new star called Diamond Do Your Thing. find it on etsy.
It is a lot like Idaho- it just does its thing.)

J. loves him some snow as ya all know and so he was tuning into the reports coming off the mountain over to Targhee. It was swirling so bad aroud I.F. that even baseball was cancelled. That is saying something, Readers!

Even I knew melting snow upon :"pow" is  bad: unsafe combo. But die hards like to push their luck I guess and want that last run before the snow is gone and the resorts have to resort to closing their doors.

I wasn't on the porch by the way- that was a tall tale but I was up to the table eating Madre's homemade pizza and watching snow gather on the trampoline.

ME: "You could jump on the tramp if ya want. Get yur snow fix.."

J: "Nah."

Of course the Idaho wind helped get rid of the snow so we could see the dirty, matted grass again.

Where can someone get this kind of weather one day, then enjoy a Dust Bowl the next?

Idaho, Readers~!
(Piggy -n -Dirt know it's Spring so they have some sweet stars for mother's day on etsy. Check it out.)

J., like a guy unable to let a girl go, had to get a ski report one last time-

He still wanted to know what was happening and see the "picture of the day" from Targhee. They do make it look wonderful, if you can ski. Let alone walk normal. Which would be fun; to walk normal.

I can't say that I blame him for wanting to check the report. It's hard to let go of stuff that makes ya happy.

The next news confirmed my hunch about conditions up there: A guy drew an Avalanche and lifts were shut down.

mmm... that always makes a mom feel safe.

Praying for spring snow and clawing to get there isn't the only thing that can be taken for granted I have found.

Time spent with J. shouldn't be taken for granted either. So I am workin' on that. And throwing my weight into makin' moments count.

Once, A song came on in the car, the windows were down- cause it wasn't a cyclone, so we opened the top and the song on the radio had J. and I as back ups.

-J. more qualified than I but I didn't care. I  patted his leg to the beat and groove

 it as best as ya can with a fat pad under your chin.

It was good. The breeze was pulling my hair up above the car and around my round face and the sun was settling into a good spot for a sunset for those wanting to watch, and catching on the edges of my glasses causing that glint that somehow stays in a memory. And melts into an a man pluckin the different notes on what sounds like a classic electrical guitar after the acoustic and piano has already have sold me on the man is drizzling his voice over the speakers like the maple syrup from my waffles from the other night.

 Date with J.

Whenever we have to do something together, if I call it a date, it seems less painful. A trip to Wal-Mart for milk. Whatever. We call it a date and try to make it special. One never wants to pass up a dirt cyclone if ya get the chance.

I'm tired. And it is hard to not want to be able to do the things J. does. I can't imagine what that would be like to ski with him. Pretty incredible.

for now it's fine to have the opportunity just to listen to his day, joke around and laugh, and let him mug on me when it doesn't hurt.

I'm tired.

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