Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Letter K Knows

Ski Season is over Readers.
Well, according to the sign up above.

As if in sad, symbolic reluctance- the 'K'  in the word "SKI" above J's closet (that I put up in the fall to get him amped for the 2014/15 season); fell to the floor the other day.

Someone I know had to go clear up north, to Banff , in order to ski. And that was a month ago! So you can imagine how poor Targhee felt when J. couldn't make it up there more often than we'd all hoped. Because it didn't:

J. would have hung to the back of my friend's truck if I'd told him he was heading up where the snow was wonderful.
Now the sign says:
'S  I. '
Spanish for, "Yes."
So the 'k' falling from the sign is a sign of what?
I guess it just means,
"Yes, ski season is over."
*Jaden just let me know that it has been snowing up at The Ghee. But it had melted first and so this isn't great ski snow. Oh well.
I guess I need a B, K, & E. to help spell out BIKE.
Sports Star-- Your baseball player is a star
To ring in the baseball season, J's first pracice brought rain, hail and then it got called off with only 30 minutes left.
Idaho baseball is so brutal.

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