Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ottoman or Adirondack- Your Choice

It's hard to sit and write when there is not a shred of genius floating through yur noggin;'. Which as some English teacher person would say to sit and write anyway and they call it some name like writer's block.

So I will just free write here because it feels like this is the time that would mean somethin to someone who is struggling too. It sucks. I am sorry.

Sometimes when I look at my son- like just now when he was on his bike and my boots were up on my thing that I have to use that just left my brain- oh, walker. Yes, my walker. My nephew likes to push it around b ut i hate it.

And my computer is causing grief so bear with the typos. Anyway, I looked at him hoppng his bike up over things, whip his head back to remove the mop on his hed so he can see and I think:

"He has No idea what is ahead."

Heck, I don't. 

maybe he knows more than I do. He has seen me do my medical gig for 12 years now so he isn't a a novice when it comes to knowing what you might have to endure.

I talked with the gal at P.T. and she has lesson for Sunday and she was talking about how to help on another and be "sisters" to each other and how we can do that. She mentioned my blog doing that. I was taken aback. That was so nice of her to say.

I talked to an old friend earlier. She and others have been on my mind. I send letters but I needed to call this friend. And give her the update.
It is funny, I bought this ottoman so that folks could have a seat if they visited me and I was in my room. Got the Adirondacks.

And, anyway, I invited Padre own to sit on it and chat.

When I invited him to sit on my otto he said: "What ottoman?"

"Well, if you move the clothes, paperwork, etc. it's under there."

So he sits facing my stars and then mid- my- sentence he notices that I have put up some sticky command dealios. I forget what I was trying to say to him but it was funny.

"One of these stars is gonna drop right on yor  noggin' " was another observation he had of my constellations.

Anyway,I had a good chat with my friend and I am glad to connect with them.

I gotta tell J myster to get ready for his game, get his water- it's in the 80's readers. ugh. I bet he wshed his mop was a cut all of when having to play in this sorta weather. There is a slight winde picking up so I hope he isn't in a dust storm.

I hope I can take in a play or two tonight. Add pics later.

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