Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Waffles in the Sun

Hello Sunshine! Stained glass and mirror combo. Sure to make you smile.

(Piggy and Dirt can do more than stars on their etsy shop! )

I had a blinding moment the other day. 

J. had headed off to baseball practice and I was eating some waffles in my plastic adirondack chair out front while the sun blinded me.

(the sun from above after it was made by Kurt and written with what I wanted it to say to J. whenever he passed by my door.)

It wasn't blowing.

This may seem strange out of character for Idaho. So that's why, when it was a hot day, I had taken my dinner out front to eat. And why I was squinting while eating it cause the suns rays were drilling through the trees and foliage right into my eyes, to make sure the syrup wouldn't drip on my shirt.

One of the problems being shaped like a blueberry is spillage onto your shirt regardless of syrup or sun in your eyes..

So there I was squinting in the sun when a neighbor friend was walking by. In times past I have thought that I had done a good turn in talking to this person and becoming friends only to be edified myself afterward.

Last night I had the same experience! This person paused to talk with a  person who only had half her nails painted on one side in a color coincidently called: She goes on, and on, and on....'

I needed that chat more than I thought. I didn't get syrup on my shirt but I did get syruppy.

(angels seem to appear right when we least expect and most need them. A couple of mine overexposed- Bright white and blinding, kinda like the sun and neighbor that day.)

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