Monday, April 20, 2015


There must be a hundred of them watching out for us. Despite all the things that have happened we are really blessed. Personally and with extended family most recently!
Recently I have done my research on Cushings Disease. As you know, I like to read about other's stories and have come to find amazing ones. Ones that inspire me and find the ability to reach down deep and press on.
When you or a loved one has a disease or is sick, you study a lot. Or maybe it is just me. But I love to learn when I can.
I love this artwork of J's. They are Birch trees. Remind me of the ride up to the Tetons but in Zen Fashion. So, of course I had to throw on a Zen Star that Kurth has made from Piggy & Dirt.
Too cool. J's talents amaze me. This month is HIS month. So I am thinking of him a lot.
Love to look at his art work from my pilot position.... : )
My grandmother has held nto a lot of things. This star is made from tissue paper that held a vase my Uncle sent my grandmother 40 years ago. It was turnning yellow in her basement so I saved some of it in an acid free paper holder and then had Kurt Knudsen from Piggy and Dirt on etsy place it in this star for her.
I think it turned out pretty cool. It is best on the wall so the indig print shows up!
I love preserving memories.
And looking out windows!
I guess I need to remember when God closes a door he opens (or let's ya look out one!)

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