Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Entyvio, or No?

So the physical update:

I would use the sucralfate but unles I want everything I ate turn to cement...
Migraine (two. One will come on in the middle of my forehead like the day I had the infusion. It feels like a mallot to the forehead.
The other one is over the right eye. It will trigger if I read too much. Watch something too long. Study something too long. Look too long.
The other day I googled info. about it and it said it was probably due to a strained neck. So I massaged my neck while I held my other hand over it so I could read the article.
Did I mention heartburn?
The last two days I also have felt more of the esophagitis situation. Which was kinda doing better and must be flaring cause I am flaring.
So I guess I will disolve some sucralfate. Does any of this have to do with the whole infusion, or no?
I have no idea. I am just throwing the info. out there.
I also have had waaayyy more weakness in my body. Feel like a set back has occured. I couldn't even get to an appt today. Had to cancel. But I need to get into the Dr. and let them take some pictures of my leg that has been hurting and see if I have fractured it or something. I have no idea.
I know I haven't been pushing fluids as well and that can make ya miserable.
Staying on top of hydration is the single, biggest concern in my health regimen.
Now, I am gonna start a new post like a fresh piece of paper.

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