Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mojave Tangerine and Menopause

Here is the plant that rocked the front yard this summer:
The Mojave Tangerine

or it's difficult to say but make you seem like a horticulturist if ya learn it;
Portulaca Grandiflora.
Tonight I pulled the plant's designated name out of the pot to put in a journal. (The equivalent of wearing the sales tag on your clothes) or something so I could get it next year. I tried to find another picture from my stash and of course it won't upload.
So I resorted to reading about a lady who planted hers and found that it closed up shop around 3 pm too. Yes, all plants close up at night but this was ridiculous.
(Cathy @ crazycontainerct.com has some really good ideas. I have decided to only plant fake flowers next year. And the ponds on her post look amazing. J. would just fish with his friends in them and keeping a pond is not for sissies. Which I'm. )
So if anyone comes over at night, they don't see the cool plant you have cause it went to bed real early. Like, just let the nap go into the night, early.
It must have Crohns.
She planted hers in a doubled up planter and put these huge elephant ear plants next to it. In black.
The color scheme gave me such inspiration that it helped me decide on paint for my room,
some cream eye shadow from my sister's Mary Kay stash (Apricot or something)
(whoa! that is a huge copy! And it doesn't look that color.... hmmm. I like it though.)
It is even giving me some inspiration for Christmas Colors.
Yup- all underwear and socks will be in this color.
Actually I saw a picture with tangerines mixed with oranges, peacock feathers (actually it looked like three real ones in there), and fresh, green garland. In a large house that had beautiful light colored wood with a nice tangerine drape separating one room from another.
So far my Christmas decorating wrapping/gift ideas invovle:
-Cutting candle size portions of the tree that had been in my grandparent's yard.
 -cutting perfect slices of my grandparent's tree that they had cut down for momento decorations
- finding and ordering newspaper (in Japanese)
- finding all my twine, rope, crafty stuff & thinking of something creative without googling or using pinterest.
- calling a sister for a special soap order
- making a garland for the top of the mantle downstairs
Scrapping all these ideas and just  wrapping a few gifts in the cuteness, throwing them under the pine tree and calling it good.
What does this have to do with menopause?
Only that I feel like I am going through it with the flashes of hotness and wonder:
"Is it the Entyvio?"
Well, here is some random fun. J. came home from school, ran outside, sat on the swing and intercepted a bee.
After removing the stinger with my fingernails, we made the baking soda paste, gave him a benadryl and then put ice over the swelling ankle.
Before long he was bored and given the go ahead to go back out.
Then he woke up in the dead of night due to an itchy, swelling ankle.
Big game tomorrow. That ankle needs to fit in a cleat.

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