Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer is Over?


I have been up a few hours now and the minutes are counting down to when the alarm on my phone will go off. It says: SKI! Because I had to set an alarm when we were at Grand Targhee just in case J. didn't get up.

I will hit snooze and that will leave another hour before my son gets up and I send him off to school. Again. Another summer.....

Yesterday I was outside in the crisp air and sat in my adirondack chair as J. played with a remote control car/truck/something; Padre worked on a project with his saw, and Mom cleaned off and hosed down the steps.

I took care of the gnats in the crease along the front porch and then settled into my adirondack chair and looked at my flowers. I got emotional. I am emotional right now!

Another summer.

Before school let out, J. and I did some "Stay Vacations." This was where we pretended to be visitors in I.F. and spent the last couple days of school, at a hotel. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to travel much, camp, etc. and so we pretended. Best idea. The summer cruised by us so quickly.

Due to me needing to be home more this summer,  we almost got through the whole series of "Little House." Yes, it is a bit cheesy and when we are emotional we now will jokingly say:

"Oh, Pa!"

like Laura or Mary  Ingalls and I wonder if Michael Landon is dispatched in heaven? ha, ha!

This summer will be remembered as the one where I got into:


Which meant bringing in Marnie. Another "Best Idea"; get a pro to help you organize. Most things have  a place now and most of the time find their way back to their "home."
 There are "Re-location" boxes still hanging around wondering where they will be re-located. It's a long process, getting organized. And I haven't even gotten to paper yet. Another day.

Thankfully, most everything is like clock work and makes me more able to accomplish the tasks that one takes for granted when in good health.

It was a good summer thanks to a lot of people and friends. My heart needed one last look over it all and I had to come here to write. J. and I both worked through a lot this summer and will continue to as another school year is upon us. Lots of prayers shooting upward.

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