Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Sock Guardian & Entyvio Take Off!!!!


Readers, I have the most elaborate system to protecting socks on the planet.
In the laundry room is a bin that says:


In our rooms I have a mesh bag hooked to the OUTSIDE of the basket for.... socks....
In the family room there is a basket with this on it:


The other day I saw evidence that he'd disregarded the sock plan of keepin socks TOGETHER and CLEAN (once I can get to laundry- he, heh. ) and ya know what I found? A couple black wads that looked like some kid had cozied up on his bean bag and took them off three feet from the basket!

How hard is it to put them away or in the laundry? So I resorted to lectures, etc. And decided that
at night I should teach J. to find what he needs for the next day so that he doesn't have amoment like this morning.

I knew it was over something big when I heard: "Maaaa ooooommmm."

ME: "Yah?"

J: "Where are my Grizz sock?"

ME: "I don't know! Did you put them in the sock bag so I could wash them?"


clock ticking. no appearance of kid.

Me: "I thought you had your socks out already- didn't we dig some out of the laundry last night?"

Him- "Yeh, but it's GAME DAY!"

(Fellow Teammates saying their prayers, I guess. Kidding- waiting to make a TD!)
Me: "Well, not til after school! Wear your white ones!"

So he does.

On a different note, I am feeling better a bit today so guess what?

yup, Entyvio!

uggghhhh. my stomach is rolling. I put a comfy bra on my innertube bust (thanks prednisone!), a shirt that I don't care if they get blood on, and have Padre driving me. Grrreeat! I gotta be honest, I don't look forward to the sore throat, sinus infection side effects. Or possible nausea. Buuuhhhh.

(Another random picture. This is Frank, our dog. J. and his buddy will move him around the yard. to keep things interesting when we look out the window at breakfast time.)

It helps that I just got a letter from J's teacher that said some good things about him. aww. that makes me think of him and I have some back ground Danny Mackaskill bike riding (On The Way Home) on because it makes me think of J. and it makes me excited and look past the next couple hours and toward something fun.

Like that kid getting home from school and seeing his face and then football!

 Let's DO this!

Now where is the other sock to this smart wool one...

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