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ugh, I haven't felt the greatest so I have tuned into the 'news'. The reports of all the atrocities, a holy moly weddings in Venice, and outfits of the bride that I had to look at because it was a 'Kate Middleton' deja vu-  you know the usual "newsy" stuff that is useless.

EXCEPT the news got more and more atrocious with a disgruntled man doing something I can't fathom living through, and a boy left to starve.


Readers.... I couldn't hold back the tears
after prayer, pillow talking and pumping up J. for tomorrow's
RIVAL football game, I admit I wanted to hurl.
The radio and Padre's speakerphones were telling me over and over how this world isn't on the doorstep anymore.

It's up to the table for dinner and asking for thirds.

Everything that I have gone through I pretty much know this generation will go through, and more.
But I BELIEVE in them.

Just like I believe in my kid playing tomorrow. I have done my best to help him succeed and he has filled his end of the bargain to prepare. 

Before practice he rode his bike. I watched from the living room window giving thumbs up and then telling him to put his helmet on when he was doing some trickier stunts. And slowly turning in a driveway across the street, gather up speed so thatm when he hit the jumps, he had maximum air.

He purposely landed dangerously close to the window, right in front of me.

Dang kid.
*Saying that never gets old.*

They like to push the limits. And get attention.
So he goes to practice and I have some physical therapy then I make a pre-rival game dinner.
He eats it and.... then it is a sprint!
His uniform still needed to get washed.. 
Which reminds me I need to get it outta the wash and put up to hang dry.

One more push tonight.
back to the news from a day ago before I started to edit this......
 One or two good, heartwarming stories appeared, while I batted at fruit flies, vs. the kind of stories that made me wonder why I wasted time even listening. I could have been watching a more calming venue while trying to get the little hovering flies that come with garden produce with a tennis raquet zapping fly swatter.
I was a far cry from Wimbledon, readers.

 however, useless information is sometimes nice.  When you are under some stress and need to just "shut off" there is nothing like a good old People magazine type article help me be sucked into some Tabloid Vortex.

I needed a fast remedy!
(written the night before this hit the press- kinda like how quickly Amal and King George had People mag come out with their wedding pics today. aww- they wanted us to feel like we were invited too! I am still looking for my ipod and the songs on it.
And I want to know if Bono sang? If not, why not? Is it hard to for papparrazi to drive ski doos and take pics?
Is Amal actually Aladdin's girl and Clooney stole her from Disney's studio when Al had his back turned?

See, Readers- we need to know the answers to these questions who tif they are going to be running the world.
Little Prince George already has a rival..

 back to last night......
so... I headed to my staple blog: Susan Branch.comm and she helped me get centered again on the home, my own journal, and listening to what I need to do about my 'predicament' in the health department. And that always is changing or needing to be addressed.

 I wrote a little....

Here it is.

Enjoy.... ? I wish I was more like Susan and could make it cozier! So, don't read if you're not in the mood to hear about a spectacular trip to Wal-Mart!

I got talking with the cashier at Wal-Mart.
Because of my need to keep my hands and mind busy in the middle of the night, I have taken to wrapping yarn around anything from cardboard cut out circles, to Styrofoam wreaths and balls.
This isn't technically a side effect of Crohns but with Christmas on the horizon, I seem to want to 'make' things. I used to Cross Stitch as I wasn't very adept at crocheting, knitting, or painting. I even had a lady at the yarn store encourage me to learn
 (they teach classes there with a sofa and everything. And a little table that looks like a place for having tea.)
"I wish I had time for crafts." 
the checker gal said
as  J. and I came through the line.
 I was sitting in the 'Go Kart' while Jaden played bagger and put our food and my crafts  into plastic sacks and then into the cart. Immediately

 I felt apologetic.

Here is a person standing, whilst I am sitting, in the busiest most taxing checker place in the world; Wal-Mart.

"I know! I am so sorry! ugh. I honestly can't really do crafts cause my hands are arthritic- I don't even knit..." I said looking guiltily at the two skeins of yarn.

REaders, I have always wanted to be able to knit.

Well, knit "cute." Meaning: be able to make a wash rag that wasn't the shape of a stretched out version of a hexagon. Or possibly a beautiful scarf.
..Well, I must not have wanted it enough, or else I would have learned from my grandma. And my neighbor. And whoever else tried to teach me. After doing a few chains or wash rags, I just unwound it and made something else out of it that a kindergartner could do.

Julia Roberts made it look so cool! Years ago  I saw some article with a picture of the actress sitting down in a director's chair between takes and she was knitting. With chunky cute yarn. She had told the interviewer that it was very 'stress relieving.'

(Tom Hanks tries it too in this pic from
If anyone needed relief of stress, it was me. I was battling an illness that I didn't know yet and was on prednisone for the first time and thought I was dying.
That is a side effect- you feel like you are dying but you aren't.  
So I got looking at these projects and sometimes I would go into the shop downtown and just stare at the soft yarn in pretty colors. Oh! I wanted to be next to our fire upstairs crackling and me knitting a cream colored sweater for Jaden to wear on a trip he'd take to Ireland.
But I really want that life style- the kind where I am this calm person who knits in a ski lodge while her son skis. ya know?
I told J. about wanting to develop this hobby. He asked why. I said so I could have something productive to make when I couldn't sleep, was waiting in an office, or sitting outside of a Bed and Breakfast in England while sheep roamed over the grassy knolls.
Or if I was in the hospital and got sick of cable TV.
(Not having it makes it really fun to visit someone or go to a hotel and just flip through channels.) 
He jokingly pointed out the chicken from Chicken Run who inadvertently knits a noose. We laughed.
(that kid makes me laugh.)

But seriously,
don't you love to just look at yarn?

I have gotten to the point where I have even talked to women who have looms and buy sheep just so that they can make their own yarn! Back when I was healthier than I am now, but sick- and didn't think I 'd ever reach that point when osteoarthritis was staring me down, I would get grandiose ideas about having sheep and chickens one day. I'd do well with free lance writing. And somehow J. and I would be on this land with animals.

And I would be married to George Clooney. Amal beat me to him.
(I will just have to settle.)

Thankfully my sister has had chickens and animals and it cured me of needing them for myself. 

Where am I going with this?

 oh, Wal-Mart and the nice checker lady. She was so easy to talk to that I got talking about the irony of life and I said how sad it was that, now that I actually can't really do anything,
 I have time to knit. 
But I CAN'T knit!
I have the time so I try to invent other ways to touch the soft yarn, or use twine to wrap around frame shapes and letters that J. and his friend cut out for me from the Amazon boxes. I love those things. It means I  am "up-cycling" by re-using the cardboard!
I refuse to call it that though because Pinterest has killed that word. The 'pinted' hemisphere is doing exactly what my Great Grandmother did to make it through the great depression.
I deleting my subsription to it right now!

 Credit should be given because I have been inspired by a few things.   And I have appreciated some  instructions for how to paint my brass, 80's headboard!
That thing is a place a person could get lost in quicker than a toddler in a theme park.

back at Wal-mart.....
Anyway, somehow in our conversation about why crafts are good for old folks homes and me sitting there in the chair, the checker lady's eyes watered up.
"Well, at least you aren't sitting around feeling sorry for yourself!" meaning that I must be making a lot of stuff.
"Actually, I allot plenty of time for that!" I smiled.
And then our groceries were paid for and we "whirred" back to the car; me doing the whirring in my cart and J. the walking like a healthy person.
 Jaden loaded my groceries up and he rode the Go Kart back into the store.
It's always more fun if you are a kid. Like driving a golf cart-
He gets a kick out of it. And most do until you are obese and driving it.
readers, while you guys are sleeping, I am up. I don't like it. 

 I hear some pretty funny stuff outta J.'s mouth in the middle of the night.
Yes, I do find some valuable information or cool quotes as I study or research things. I find others that I can identify with and their stories bolster me. Thank you!
But it's hard. I have windows of okay and then it is followed with heating pads, rubbing and stretching my feet. Waves of whatever. And waiting.
At moments, when I was initially on prednisone or something, I got the house cleaned and laundry done. Slept a bit, got up and repeated. Coached a team or two.
Now I am wondering if my feet are going to get better. If it will eventually lessen with the new med and decrease of prednisone?
 Will the tendon in both feet eventually tear?
Is it muscle or bone pain I am feeling? Is anything fractured? because it feels like it....
What if I have to get a motorized wheel chair?
Will people like me?

What will I do if a famous friend invites me to Venice and I have to get in a boat but can't cause of my scooter?

How much are those things anyway?
So I guess that is why I am blogging about yarn; trying to get through. I wish that I could say I had the energy and ability to get up outta bed and make a really great breakfast for Jaden.
The best I have gotten to scrambled eggs, is microwaving them for him in a special Tupperware container one morning. I got too much water in it and it turned him off to them. Dang! He loves scrambled eggs! He says he isn't a big breakfast person- but that can't be true. Who doesn't like syrup on waffles, pancakes, or Crepes?
Who doesn't love pouring sugar and a bit of butter into some Cream of Wheat??
I LOVED mornings when my mom did that.
Yesterday I was grateful to have fish and tots with J. after his practice and listen to him describe certain plays from football. He will climb out of his pal's car and they holler adioses that can be heard through out the neighborhood and he ambles through the front door carrying his pads and helmet like a tornado touching down.
(good pun, eh?) 
It's fun to just see him.
I have a lot to be grateful for. I have good friends,


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