Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Entyvio Day 9, FB Practice & Gratitude

SKIP DOWN to the POST about INFUSION DAY to get correct timeline of my posts. I had to hurl these other posts onto the blog like getting rid of provisions that are weighind down my ship/handcart/or whatever. They are thoughts that I am not even going to edit. I never edit, what am I thinking? Fever today- sorry folks.

Today was a a monumental day. I actually made it to J's FB practice.
Dropped him off, ran two errands, returned and sat on the grass for a bit.

Readers, I was a bit worried if J. would be embarrassed. I mean I have changed a lot from the woman who rode bikes with him five years ago to and from flag football practices on occassion.

I have to admit I love watching him play football. Despite the attempt to not cheer much, I clapped and whooped it up a bit as they did the final drills. Simply amazing. I don't know if the Entyvio is working, the fact I had forgotten to take Imuran for a few days, or I am overcoming the Mono.

Either way I was able to 'get out.' It felt so good. The weather was hot and muggy so escaping the hot house (Padre put away the air conditioners when it was cold last week.) was a relief! Usually J. goes to practice with his friend. That is a relief too. Lots of small mercies happening in our lives.

Thanks for your help. Growing up I had a good set of friends and that made all the difference in my life. J. has that same thing and it makes me so grateful.

We were starved afrer practice and were able to come home to left over funeral potatoes and I made a salad from the fresh head of lettuce I picked up a few days ago. I had to go to a more expensive grocer's but I am so grateful even for that. Glad the Dairy has a drive thru so I can whip over there and grab some milk. Again, it's expensive but when you are sick, navigating Wal-Mart is or Winco is majorly overwhelming.

There is nothing like a home cooked meal. "Real Food" as a friend calls it when she is able to cook a healthy/delicious meal for her husband and fam. Yes, real food is a blessing. I ate it slowly. Enjoying the salt I had sprinkled on it. My mom knew the night before that we needed a sit down, pray before eating, kind of meal.

 It filled us up and we were able to finish off the night routines: J. soaked sore muscles and feet in bath, we talked, watched video footage of mountain biking and read.

Did I mention that before practice we had a miny 45 min. date? We quickly looked at the local bike shop at mountain bikes. Just for fun. J. told me the in(s) and outs of disc brakes, compression, and other things I have forgotten. I just smiled and listened to him and his excitement over all sorts of bikes.

Again, I feel a huge gratitude for the day. A person who I spoke with  on Sunday asked if he could put my name in the Temple- I told him it was probably already there but he works at the Idaho Falls temple and I told him to do it anyway!

It is working because I even watered the back flowers..... they are on their last leg of their summer journey with me. J. did the front for me when it got to be too much for the day.

Yes, heating up food in the microwave after a few errands, watering, and such can be really hard.

My feet are still hurting despite the stretching. With the help I have recieved I honestly am able to tackle the side effects of Entyvio, the tiredness, the muscle weakness, lower right quadrant pain  (Crohns Disease typical spot for pain)  and so on.

Relieved. Tomorrow will be another big day.

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