Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I Googled Today/ Bike Taxidermy

Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton |
(We love Antler racks on wall. Plush heads of wild game in a one of our Doctor's offices is quite comedic. We also love to Bike. This Bike Taxidermy is a result of a Google.)
(You can have your fav. bike rack done by Regan Appleton Bike Taxidermy in London.)
I google some pretty strange stuff.

 Which leads me to other..... stuff.

So I am going to be like other... uh.. people or stores or blogs or fast food places that have a regular deal. Or Jimmy Fallon.  And it will be:

What I Googled Today.

Catchy, eh?

But not as catchy as these things that I suddenly want to do with J's trikes, bikes, BMX Flick Trick Toys, My Orange Cruiser....... oh, wait. I sold it. It's gone. And my physical therapist told me to keep away from biking until my vessels quit hemmoraging.

(photo @ Regan Appleton)

Oh, no. Now I am almost about to bawl over that orange bike that no one in I.F. had. And how they knew me and J. Cause we biked a lot. He even pulled his bike trailer from behind his tiny bike to recycle coke cans. Dang. I mean DANG.

I needed to find out how to make "fake" antlers out of paper mache or something for a wreath (mixied in with dried hydrangeas from the yard. )and fell upon these nuggets of fun-ness. Actually, I might have been searching something about laundry.

Yeh, I know, seems like I am not busy. Readers, I am.
Whether I am in bed or up trying to help and instruct or trying to water my flowers in the middle of the night- I am busy. Thank you, Prednisone.

So I thought, I should put what I google in a day, on my blog for kicks.


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