Monday, September 15, 2014

Entyvio Day 6 & 7 "Symptoms"

Mom: "Would you like some Oyster Stew? I am making it for Dad."

Blinking like we'd gone back in history, were standing in front of the Titanic and she wanted to know if I would want to go on it with her and my Dad.

"I am crazy nauseated right now!" I confirmed.

Readers, on a healthy day, the smell of oysters makes the gag reflux in me get going. I just put duct tape in front of my nostrils to avoid barfing right now.

There is the option of going to
ER for IV Zofran. Kidding. The ER is for emergencies. Like after you have died and they possibly try to revive you.


These were my symptoms/activities yesterday:


~Went to 2/3s of church!!!! The last two-thirds. I got high fives from the widows!

~a small bite of bread (sacrament) burned my esophagus. When does that happen? What is going on down my gullet??

 (Entyvio hasn't kicked in yet and if it has I have a lot of ulcers that need some healing. Please don't mean I have to be fed with a tube.)

nauseated some more.

watched Studio C (I think it must be BYUs version of Sat. Night Live?) with J.

hungry at night time. (food didn't seem that great all day but could eat thanks to Zofran)

Ate some Hershey Chocolate cause I craved it. Bad Choice. Burns that pipe.

Listened to a lesson on 'Being Prepared'

Advice Given: Don't Over Do It



Paid the price for overdoing it.

sttteeeee -rrrrrrrrruuuuuhhhh-gled.

 Nauseated. Headache. Muscle cramping.

Texted friend

Got text back: 'That's OK [over doing it] cause that's how you know you are stretching your limits and improving. Push through it and don't let it set you back. Try stretching too.'

{ This friend felt like me but only cause she biked 11 miles, mowed her lawn, then was in the 9-11 Run event, and had some sore muscles. She pushed through and biked 10 miles the next day and feels better..... Oh, and she is a grandma. }

Eat my morning meds (well, gulped/gagged them down with some applesauce and thought how funny it would be of me on the front of a Wheaties box stirring my morning meds and it saying breakfast of.... ? and felt bad none of my friends that would think that was funny, were around to laugh with me about it.

Showered. That was momentous enough.

Wrote a list of fun things to do if I could do them
List said:


Hang a couple things back on J's walls. (Painted and am slowly putting stuff up)

Re-purpose a shelf into a shelf from being behind laundry door to a shelf to put J's trophies, etc.

Learn how to make fake antlers for a wreath of dried handrangeas.

Go to place in Shelley that has old stuff.

Go to D.I. and find an old bike to use the seat for the 'skull' of the handle bars off idea from

Some laundry (I put a load in and looked at some that is folded in the baskets.

Line vanity drawers with cute paper. (I did two.)

What ended up happening:

Went to friend's and did a very poor job trying to learn how to use a Silhoute Vinyl Decal machine.

Laid on friend's computer room FLOOR at one point with a head ache and, you guessed, nausea!

fielded over 16 family/group texts on soap and then a series of funny things associated with that.

talked to J. about a good, boring, but good day at school.

rejoiced in no football practice so J. had an almost summer after school day! yay!

drank some water and ate some turkey lunch meat. ughhhhh.

declined ice cream from Reed's Dairy for Family Night

I am blogging. I feel like death warmed over. But I stretched myself.

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