Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cowboy FairyTale

(my kind of log cabin from cordwoodconstruction.org)

So Madre got some story telling tips from her grandcowboys.

After relying heavily upon the written version of books while babysitting them one night, they asked for a

Real Story.

"I am not very good at those." she said knowing that their father was the best at the tall tales.

In an effort to ease his grandmother's mind and help her, Kid #2 said:

"It's easy! You just start with 'Once Upon a Time There Was a Cabin'.."

She uttered the words and he encouraged her with some hand motions to pull out the words.

His brother sat next to him playing with a little truck. He got a big elbow and told:

"Pay Attention! Grandma's telling a story!" I think they ended having bar room brawl in their bedroom and Grandma had to break it up.

It's Back to School for J. and last night we reminisced about the time when it was Summer and how the cool air has set in, signaling fall and football. I can't believe it.

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