Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Latest Picks

My circumstances have made it so I can research. What do I research, Readers?


And I have been able to 'test drive' anything from make-up, to cuticle care, lotion to fans. I am amazed at what I have learned. And grateful. Whether on a budget, some extra, or nothing I have found things to bring relief.

Since I am up I will share my tid bits.

First of all I want to say that I know what it is like to not have the money or choose to not buy things so I could save money and go without some things. When I was younger and healthy it was easy to pull off.

I don't know what the answer is as to whether one should forgo all these things or that it is okay to indulge a bit. Dry knees and elbows are at the top of my "Do not want" list.

Vaseline was the answer to everything when I had Zero dollars to go toward

One thing I failed to do as a teen was  to protect my skin. I fake baked a few times and baked out back on a towel listening to Z103. Big mistake. There is nothing that can turn the tide for your wrinkles. (this is assuming we are all not going to do surgery.)

Oh, how I wish I had headed my really fair, strawberry blond best bud, and used sunscreen.
Nothing I can do now but wear SUNSCREEN. Neutrogenia is the best non-greasy brand I have found. It is pricey, yes. But worth going without a candy bar or any other vice to save up for. Picking up pennies, etc.

Right now I am really glad for Mary Kay acne treatment gel.  Prednisone makes me perpetually acne ridden. I didn't have acne in HS so I guess this is making up for it.

Before I could get the Cadillac version of acne help, I used a bottle of whatever Jessica Simpson and other pop stars use. This bottle was one my sister left when she got married. Several years ago.

Equate brand of black head wash is exactly what is needed. I bought it for J. and used it myself and to my surprise, it worked. I don't have black heads, but my pores were HUGE for some reason. Maybe because my face was so swollen it stretched them out. That little inexpensive wash shrunk them.

I recall using baby lotion on my face when J. was tiny. I couldn't afford to splurge on expensive lotion for myself when I wanted my kid to smell like lavendar!

Wet-n-Wild eye liners. They are a dollar. They last forever, don't break like the ones that twist. They are great.

Yes, I have learned that there is really not a product that can reduce wrinkles except keeping the sun from burning my face, etc. Yup. I was dumb and tanned all day with baby oil on.

That said, the biggest factor with my skin now is that I didn't use enough lotion during all my dehyration spats and so now I have the leapard scars to prove it. Not good. But it couldn't be helped much.

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