Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer is Whizzin By and Idaho Allergy Season

This hibiscus is one of the flowers I planted in the spring. It had three gorgeous blooms, Then


NICE! I thought. One more plant just hanging out not doin' its job in my flower beds.

 However, after being loved despite it all,  it finally had one bloom come again! So pretty. But they  lasted two days. So it is on par with when there is an Eclipse and ya run outside to stare at it-  I am disappointed that it can't bloom like the petunias. That is the stoutest flower in
 Idaho, I am afraid.

It is so hard to harvest a garden, weed and water flowers and then turn around and try to get more into the ground so Spring looks awesome.. I made the mistake of watching a Martha Stewart video and I have to put only 1,000 bulbs into the ground in Sept. in order to get the "sweeping" blues of the cute little flowers that poke their heads up through snow and make you feel that just maybe, the snow will leave and bring sunshine, spring, and WIND.

It has been so windy, the flowers ask for water twice a day. Jaden has informed me that guys don't plant and water flowers. Wha?

 I have already forgotten the names of the bulbs I need to plant 8 inches under..
glad she did those you tube videos.

ones I want to plant. 

See how you just need a million of the Blue Mascari ?(a lady says they are the work horses of, well, the garden or flowers. Don't know which. ) I just need J. to take out some time from his busy football, lawn mowing, enjoying summer schedule to plant a million bulbs like this. Right?

Then I need to plant some other flower that is going to be put on some dirt above the Mascari Work Horses. So that we get double and possible triple decker layering.

Are you writing this/ reading this, J.?

Lots of planting in the fall. So familiarize yourself with bulbs of the Dutch, Son! Or maybe I will just blog about it and then we can look at the pics of them and imagine how cool it would be to be Martha Stewart and have a sweeping landscape of these in the spring.

Aren't these crocuses so cute? They are the triple layer.  Each flower will come out at a different time.

Especially if I can get some Daffodils in to contrast the color!

Somebody call a Nursery in Town! Get 'em over here in September! Or get Martha over here! This is getting out of hand! She could turn our whole yard into flowers! Padre would love that-

To be honest with myself, I may be lucky to get in a few tulip bulbs in.

 flowers are an extravgance... But I just love them. Each day I like to see their progress. The changes they make. Glad I could have them this year.

Padre has even liked them. Today I WILL take pictures. After church. (this didn't happen. Hence the uploads. Had a bit of a thingy ma jig to deal with so I couldn't deal with photobraphy.

Well, Readers, it's late. Well, now it's early. I can put my make-up back on since I have been up all night!

 I've been reading various things online then finally broke down and came to where I feel the best; Writing. Actually, only because I treat this like a journal, and  have no thoughts whatsoever of anyone around the world reading it, which makes it easy to just be me. And actually I did read a few good tips on organizing while I have dealt with the joys of whatever is going on in my body, I Hope to implement the tip sometime in, oh, say the next five years!

Tomorrow is a Sunday. (when I started this)

There was not even a breeze today- the little twirler in the back yard didn't even spin. And muggy. Mississippi Muggy.

Double-Spin Wind Spiral

Or it was menopause.... Either way, it was muggy!

My flowers are going to be giving off their last blooms this month. I am hoping they behave and  put on a finale like the Melalueca Fire Works show every 4th down by the Snake River; It's a pretty big finale if you haven't seen it. Luckily we can walk to the corner and take it all in but if you get right under them that is fun too. Just pray for a strong bladder and that rogue fire works don't detour your way and burn you.

The adopted flower I brought home, better get their act together and show me how glad they are that they didn't end up in the dump when the large retailer decided to clear them all out to make room for school supplies.

I had to do more dead heading and Miracle Gro-ing on these ones that it really wasn't cost effective. Ya know? I mean, who buys flowers this late in the season and tries to resurrect them? because they were cheap?

I think it goes back to the Grand Floral Finale that I am expecting.

-k here is something unexpected. Cold weather. And a lot of ferocious wind and rain has been happening. It helped me to not have to water all the flowers but still! IDAHO!


It blew all day yesterday. Plenty of twirling for the awesome wind spinner.

So here are the things that made me laugh the past couple days: Michael Landon.

Michael, Michael, Michael.

Been watching the series of 'Little House on the Prairie' for those hard nights and suddenly realized why I wanted my hair long when I was a girl, and wanted to pretend I livid on the frontier, and realized how much I loved watching this show everyday after school at 4 o'clock. It helped me tell what time it was for one.

Okay, the first go around of the show, when I was a girl who'd just come home from school and almost into the second hour of TV watching joy, I never noticed how much M. L. loved to have an arm or rib cage injury. (It happens about every couple episodes.) It was so he could show off his tanned, muscular body!

Apparently, it wasn't us kids watching after school with our bowls of mint chip ice cream, stirred to a thick past with a spoon,  that gave the series such great ratins! My google research says it was the women over 40! (I stumbled on this stat when researching why Melissa Gilbert's face looks radically different.)

That made me laugh.

When I was younger I was focused on the frontier- the thrill of having to cook meals over a fire, take baths once a week before Sundays out in the barn in a big tub of heated water from the fire.

 I was caught up in the fact that I needed long hair like Mary and when she got glasses and went blind, it helped me dramatize a journal entry about needing to wear my own glasses to go with my own buck teeth.

*The Torment got hold of that entry and it went pretty much like the episode where Mary wakes up blind. Minus the actual blindness.

From then on 'The Torment' would only have to say a one liner like:

"I just want to see! I want to see the Tetons!"

before he and I got it a knock down drag out whining with my four eyes to help me.

I also realized from Little House that I wasn't the only one with buck teeth.

Poor Melissa Gilbert.

She had to have buck teeth on a T.V. show. No thanks! Going to school with mine were enough for me!

She had  fortunate mouth care that made it so she had braces and other horrendous dental work, on the back of her teeth.

Or she wore her head gear at night like the rest of us poor saps. She didn't have to wear them on the set and get a dodge ball bounced in the face requiring a trip to the orthodontist to bend it back and fix the brackets.

Noooo... when her co-star mary shoved her out of the wagon once, she didn't have dental ware to get bent out of shape.
Did you know that in real life, her and Nellie were friends? And that her and Willie were actual siblings? They were both adopted. Just some tid bits to offer you Readers who don't have time to learn these things.

J., upon seeing me watch the series said:

"Is that why you have Jammies like that?" pointing to one of the Ingalls and then to me.

"Yeh, looks like that I was indoctrinated to want to wear night gowns and head caps at an early age."
Notice how Pa has a pair on too? I think you may be getting some for Christmas.

J: "Heck no!"

ME: "Yup, I already put it on your list and sent it to the North Pole! You would look like Albert! Or Pa! How cute! Please say you will!"

So like I mentioned above, it has been windy. Today it rained. Thank goodness cause our allergies are going ballistic.

In Idaho, allergy Season is year round really. You can tell when those of us with allergies are really sufferin'....

We are unable to wear our contacts (this is now permanent for me due to Crohns/ yup/ It attacks your eyes too. Lovely. So I got to feel sorta cool and wear sunglasses that weren't wrap arounds seen on the elderly, only for a short time period. dang. Sunglasses are a rite of Passage into the world. Ya know? That first pair of cool sunglasses takes you from the small world of elementary and throws you into the world of teenage-ness and all its coolness. It along with fake baking or laying out on a regular basis, are the base of your new life- of wearing sunglasses rather than squinting into the sun.

We had a neighbor when I was little that had this squint down to a science. He was the last of the kids in the family and we fueded regularly with them. Anyway, I noticed he squinted like this indoors too.
So maybe it was more than the sun in his eyes.

The High School aged sisters of one of my friend's gave us all we needed to know about laying out. They cut out and wetted paper towels in the shape of an almond and put it over their eyes so that there wasn't even a sunglass line to ruin your tan.

Loads of baby oil to maximize skin cancer- we didn't know much about that back in the day.
And then just stay outside all the time. Perfect tan.

Back to sunglasses....

A person is instantly in awesomeness once the shades are put on. Without glasses you can actually play sports without the fear of ruining an expensive pair of glasses.  I had to wear 'Gas Permeables' which just made it feel like you had real glasses on, just on the inside of your eye. And what kind of name is Gas Permeables? They were hard, just like the  hard contacts, minus the easy name.
The name meant air got through to your dry eye ball. Which I contend was just as dry, with GPs on vs. Hard.

Those lucky people that didn't have astigmatism went on wearing their cool SOFT contacts. while mine were moving around my eye ball with every blink and the edges caught the lights on the basketball court and at night it made it so those lights from cars, etc. zing your eye ball.

If you blinked abruptly, like to look quickly left or right in class,  the hard lens flipped out of your eye. This was a pain. Especially during a basketball game.  The ref had to blow the whistle, stop the game, and everyone- including your rivals,  looked all over the floors for the lost lens.

As I got older I found that a speck of sand would require me to get off the road and try to help the crying eye. It ruined and made my teal mascara run down my face. I also had blue mascara. You can imagine how that looked on a person's face after the eye was gouged by a small speck. Which the gas permeables shoved into your eye turning it into a sliver.

J. is now facing all these things too. Orthodontic work. Glasses. But now it is cool to wear glasses and more choices. And he can successfully put in contacts. Soft ones. They have soft ones for the astigmatized kiddos too. Kids are so lucky these days.

Back to some funny!

Some of the grandkiddies were in

The War Bonnet Rodeo

Q-tip. Brute Force. Tornado. Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Are just some of the  names of the intimidating sheep that my 5 year old nephew went up against. By virtue of genetics more than anything, he was able to look very cool, strutting out to mount his mutton; his spurs chankling. (genetics have made him very lean and has a cowboy strut already.)

The winner was A young girl, three years of age, wearing a helmet. She rode:

SHOCK WAVE to victory.

It was a good thing she had on a helmet, cause her head just kept hitting the bars of the rodeo ring as the mutton tried to brush her off using the fence for help.

Didn't work. She held on like glue. I wonder if that was cause she was three and didn't know any better or had really practiced?

The yonger nehpew was able to compete in 'The Stick Horse Race. '

Which he took very seriously. And lost by a large margin. His little legs made it difficult for his horse to tromp through the dirt!

There was a 'chicken category' for the even  younger ones. They had to catch chickens. Yup. The announcer treated each event as if it were the cowboys out there riding bulls and broncs. The kid's names annouced over the.... those one things that has a name that vanished from my brain.

I wish I could have seen it, but hearing J's experience at it was a gut buster.

On the home front....

The last couple of days have been wowzers. (this was started a few days ago.)

Did too much one day, paid for it the next. I was stickin' my legs up on the wall to help with the water retention, massaging the bruised calf muscles, and wearing Vapo Rub pretty much everywhere.
That mixed with salt may have helped the bruises. I don 't know for sure, because I iced them as well.

One hilarious moment came out of the last few days that was choice. This is my last story. I promise.

A trip to Wal-Mart. After a couple of appts. Before I was even walking in I debated whether I should.
I needed a couple of items that just couldn't wait. Sooo.. in I went. And I tried to hurry.
Ya know those scooters they provide, that you might play on when you happen to be goofing off or horsin' around, and they draw a laugh?

Well, when you get to the point of actually needing it to get all of your errands in WM's, then it isn't so funny. And you lose that confidence you had as a teen and living life like there is no such thing as aging or arthritis. And creams that help arthritis that carry strong smells. So as you ride in the scooter you feel a deep dread.

ugh. The scooter. Yup, you are using the scooter. After a few trips to the store and holding onto your pride like you would... hold onto something very dear that I have no word or memory recall as to what word I would use here, nor do I have the imagination for a clever analogy here. Just know REader, it is something you hold onto; your pride.

doh! Riding in the scooter! Dang. It. Where was I? Oh, the times I went ahead and walked from one end of WMs to the other and was almost crying cause it hurt so bad or I burned all my energy and got home only to have no more energy. Synthetically produced by prednisone, of course.

The scooter truly is a relief and I find my myself seeing folks at a different level. Others that are on them I now talk with and have heard some sad stories! And little kids. However, the other deay I was at the back of the store and needed to get to the milk so I was bee lining it, gathering speed when a person in the craft aisle or detergent aisle, I forget, steps into the traffic lane.

I immediately hit the brakes. Actually, there are no brakes. It is simplified so that you just let up, off the lever. Well, due to my "high speed" I lurched forward. And cause they don't have seatbelts on those puppies, I did the 'Howdy Doody.'

The guy. who almost met death by scooter cause he walked into the main aisle, apoligized and then I apoligized.

ME: "No, I am so sorry I was just whizzin' by like.. blah, blah, blah."

Person: "Hey, no pro- 'whizzin' by'?  he and his wife were on the baby aisle or something with their baby.

ME: "Yeh, I didn't realize how fast they could go. " I phewed, and then both of us broke down laughing.

"Whizzin' by..." he and I couldn't help but have tears well up it was too funny.

That's it.
All the funny.
Here is my game plan for allergies right now (if anyone else has better ideas, let me know:

MucinexD accompanied with Sudafed for the sinuses. And that one thing the ENT started me doing that involves little packets of stuff you put in a bottle and then drown, I mean squirt it in your sinuses, and then it should help you not pass out or lose your equilibrium due to your the pressure in your ears being off.

Oh, and I have incorporated Vapo Rub too. Under the nose to help me smell the menthol and get soothed by it and hope it open up a sliver of space so I can pretend I breath through my nose.

I also rubbed this on my chest to help with the asthma, congestion. Or whatever it is. after googling its many properties, I also rubbed it into my latest bruise. Ya mix it with salt and then....
It is supposed to heal bruises up better. I will let you know if this is true. Cause I bruise right and left.

So did I mention up there that by the time you come to grips with the scooter you are thanking just about everyone you meet in the store for the invention of the scooter and the person next to you could be the inventor of it, you show so much gratitude for it.

It is a relief.

Speaking of relief, does anyone else have some good advice or tricks for their allergies?
 I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the ballooned head feeling.

Gotta give this post the gate-- so forgive the lack of fun photos and such.

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