Thursday, August 28, 2014

Picture Hanging

I just hung this picture! I love it! It is called: Our Advocate by Jay Bryant Ward.
Usingy my stud finder and brand new measuring tape, (Padre thought I needed a Fat Max- I went with another brand. It is smooth like butter! )
I hung my picture. A LED light from Home Depot can be switched on to light my way and beams onto the new picture at the end of the hall.
Another photo that is on my Peach Fuzz wall color is this:
James C. Christensen next to the photo of Lehi- (See the Book of Mormon) tasting of the Tree of Life.
I wish I had this photo of his too:
The fellow, Jerome, is daydreaming about reincarnated as a snake. I just think he has Crohns or something.
When I pull out my tool kit I feel really cool. One because it is purple and I got it for Christmas. Growing up I let Padre do all the measuring. And after that everybody else. In the book The Last Lecture I love how the author was given the liberty to decorate his room however he wanted.
He went gung-ho and it was pretty awesome. Padre would never have allowed that kind of leniency. But he has come a long way. For instance when I was hanging the top picture at 7 a.m. he was really cordial.
Padre per text: "What are you doing??"
Me: "Hanging a picture so it wouldn't get broken or something."
Padre: "It sounds like you are hanging a wall frame rather than a picture."
He was right- that was one hard stud. It must be the main stud where all other studs have branched out. Surprisingly, J. didn't even budge as I pounded the nail into the wall. Allergies and football are helping him sleep like a teenager.
Fall is upon us. I could feel it beneath my feet the other day as I watered my flowers barefoot. And I can smell it in the air. Along Hitt road the trees on the north side are all changing colors. But not the ones opposite of them. hmm.

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