Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Flowers are Showin' Off

Come over! TWO of my coral hibiscus flowers have bloomed at once!

My flowers must be reading my blog because they are putting on a flower work show that would make Frank Vandersloot's Melaleuca annual Fourth of July Firework display a run for their money!

okay. So it isn't THAT huge. But I am so proud of my little plants! And I am so proud I was out there at just the right time this evening to see the way they were "acting."

Oh, and for the record, now that summer is coming to a close- there are some

Fake Flowers in the mix. Yup. I even had Madre thinking that the Hydrangea Bush was now blooming. Nope. Just some stellar fake flowers from somewhere. Thank you, people who make fake flower that look real. And thanks up above, for those that are soooo pretty- they look fake. Because that kind of beauty just seems too unbelievable!!! Mad Bluebird
(The picture above hangs in my window- it is entitled: The Mad Bluebird by Michael Smith. He caught this fellow on a freezing cold morning and you can now see that even the Bluebird of Happiness might be a bit miffed from time to to time. Look at that glare! He is NOT happy!)

Okay, last night was awful. Very. This morning got a bit better. But I have some shout outs. I have a team of pros that make it so I can go outside and rejoice over some flowers.

So that I can sit in my brown plastic adirondack chair and watch the world go by. Which includes a kid on his bike. J. Or maybe my neighbor's on their bike. Or talk to someone about my flowers!
Each year they seem to have a personality to them. Even the adopted ones- remember I saved them from the Flower Shelter?  (A huge store was just chucking blooms into a cart and I had to stop him!)

The cutest thing is this: I asked J. to plant some of them. And he went out into the middle of the garden and put them all in rows- so there is the garden, then the hUGE area where we couldn't plant cause everyone is too busy to take care of the garden this year, and then there is a little oasis of different petunias.

He also planted some earlier along the strip to the south of the garden. I called them: "J's flower bed," and every time I water them they make me think of him. And they are somehow more robust than all the ones lining the north side. See? They knew his sweet hands planted them. OR  was it that I spent more time there manicuring them?

Either Way! I am so proud of the flowers and their trooper like effort to get through the summer here in Idaho and for the late ones that came that will make September look cute too!

I love how they peak through the weeds and grass and just tell a person to have some sunshine and happiness. I hope that those who walk the neighborhood have loved the colors and different nuances as I have.

One yard, I'd like to thank, is one that came from a neighbor with which I was on a forgot your first and last name basis. But we always talked and I reasked each time.. ugh. Anyway, her yard was so loved and looks so cool. But she had to move. Get closer to family. She loved her little house and little yard, but without family it was just plain lonely!

Sorry no pics. I know great blogs are ones with pics. More interesting and delightful to look at. Also very time consumming. And hard if your fingers won't type. Which I found that working the muscles in my arms has loosened up the choke hold on my hands. Yes, there is mercy in life, folks.

After a lot of hard times there are those Hibiscus moments- where you see the bloom for only a couple days and then they leave- but I have loved "waiting" just as much as when they have finally bloomed.  Kinda like Christmas. The waiting and tending to things for that final triumphant day!

If this post is too positive, sorry!

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