Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flash Flooded my Flowers!

Well, it's rained.  A lot. And somebody didn't put the rain gutter extender, thing a ma jig back on so all the water from the rain gutters dumped onto my flower beds.

At first I was glad to not have to worry about watering. And then it dumped on us.
Yes, I am aware that hurricanes are happening elsewhere and this is my own little ordeal while I deal with other ordeals.

I was so hoping for that 'Melalueca Firework Grand Findale Flower Display' I spoke about in the previous post. When I went outside to inspect the damage, I found my peonies swimming, trying to keep their heads afloat. Immediatly I grabbed a small container and started bailing them out.

J. standing there in his cleats ready to run some ladders and other torutuous drills- was asked to help.


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