Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sinuses, Second Guessing and a Picnic

There is nothing worse than having an ailment and throwing a nice sinus infection or allergies on top of it.
In fact, all the meds I take, seem to have this as a side effect written in the tissue paper stuff that come with it:
Sinus Problems.
 Not in those words, but something akin to it.
I brushed those off and looked at the big picture of it stopping my immune system from attacking me.
Even the new med, Entyvio, that I should be really happy about has this as a side effect.
 I just finished rubbing some Vicks Vapo Rub onto my temple and worked the tight muscles in my neck and head to see if they wanted to loosen up and possibly let me have a break.
Is this Idaho's fault? I mean, I have the humidifier going. What's the dealio? I am in my slanted, sleeping position in order to help it all drain to my toes and I am still throbbing.
So here we are. 
In fact, as I had my head in the assumed position to help myself breathe, I got to wondering if I had done or made the right choice on a couple of the biologics I took way back when.
Second Guessing is always ridiculous. I mean, what do I do about it now? But the VERY fact that as my head was tipped over my favorite Beauty Rest Pillow I said to myself:
"I wonder if I should not have taken blank, blank and gone with blank, blank."
Can you picture this? My nasal passages trying to clear, me looking up into the dark with my head tipped back and trying to think of some choice in the medical realm was right, or no?

The other day was nice in that I got to talk to some individuals and see some that are in my neighborhood that I hadn't in a long time. I walked over and several passed me. Jaden had to walk ahead then walk back, out of boredom, then crawl next to me. kidding. But it was slow going.

Once there, I watched a lot of people trickle in and join the line leading to the hamburgers. And hot dogs. Same folks were there helping. I appreciate that. One was an individual who has a lot of health problems and a wife with some. He smiled.

The smoke and heat was hard to be around just for me to get a well done burger. But the weather was perfect; overcast. And some sun at one point. J. was able to help set up. He came home and told me all about it. So that made me glad. Except that I wonder if I should have had him sticking his foot up in the air to give it a break due to injury.

But, they needed his strength. So the people that trickled in, I could tell that each had a story. I know a lot of the stories and it is amazing to see them all there. Some I don't see a lot but did when J. and I took walks and bike rides and boy could you see some pain etched on those faces. Or even just see that they have aged.

It is hard to walk the paths that I have frequented a lot on walks or bike rides or even parks that I have had a very different body, and a very different level of health. How easy it was! Or if it was hard, how different my body was! I was lean and not progressed to this place!

Four years ago it was hard doing my walks. But I forced myself. Very afraid of the very thing I am enduring. But eventually, I guess, this Crohns caught up with me.

I had the fortunate time to talk to an endocrinologist about some amazing break throughs at the picnic. It made me hopeful! And it made my head hurt trying to comprehend what he was saying.
It had to do with proteins in the muscle, and a medium called Titan. Sounds different than how we say it. And some physical therapy contraption that works the Titan. It is like a bike but you pedal backwards and it gives resistance to the muscle as you do so. And it helps the brain and blah, blah.

Man, I can't even blog about it. But i hope my PT gets one and then I will pedal backwards and then I might feel better.

Or just go to a picnic. They are always good. It's good to see neighbors and keep close as a community. Thanks to those who put it on. I enjoyed a wonderful marshmellow salad and another noodle salad that someone had to have put together that was very busy.

And some delicious beans. So good. People that serve have no idea how much gratitude many of us feel. Thank you.

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