Friday, August 28, 2015

Why keep Pennies?

Have you ever passed up a dirty penny?

Yeh, me too.

 (taken from a pinterest which must mean I am way behind on the times and just realizing this idea)

I'm going to try some clean and leave so dirty for a rustic look and different shapes with the help of a friend that doesn't know I am going to ask them to bend the pennies to make the shapes I want.... a-ha-haaa. hm. I hope they have time. But like I said- jump start on the holidays makes life always easier. )

Now a Quarter....
you could do the same thing- but quarters are too much money to put into spelling something like:


( To keep this project in the realistic realm, I would cut out cardboard rather than buy the letters at craft stores. )
 I just found out you can clean a penny a couple different ways(use baking soda and Epsom salt to make a past then make a bronze ornament. Or design another design that bounces light off of the newly shined penny.

Okay, these are the frivolous reasons why to hold onto pennies.

There is that old adage: A penny saved is a penny earned. Literally in this economy, it is pennies.
Which leads us into the fact that it is almost

First Day of School Eve!
J. is strangling every second he can out of summer. I feel a bit of somberness that it went this FAST.
And everything that happened this summer swung from  bitter to sweet feelings. Ups and Downs.
Some days it is just hard to believe.

I am going to miss watching Studio C and Dude Perfect with him. We went through all of MASH together and that was fun. Especially the part where each case had two places for a DVD, but you could only use one.

We didn't find this out until I got the call from the library.


One would have to read past posts on my love/hate relationship with the library.
Losing Grandma was a tough thing this summer but brought us closer to cousins and an opportunity to feel her finally released from the horrible disease of Parkinson's.

J. didn't waste a moment of his vacation. He worked, he played, and played some more.

Well, it's late.

P.S. I had to laugh when I googled what type of glue to use when making the penny ornament and found out it is way expensive to use this certain epoxy glue.

Apparently, there are all kinds of craft glue that, after years of research you can find one that will work on your penny project. Might re-think that idea and just do the saving end of it.

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