Friday, August 7, 2015

August, Strict Strictures, & the Wolf Eel

My friend's flowers 

J: "MOM! It's August!"

ME: Pondering this and realizing how FAST this summer has gone and we haven't even licked the tip of the ice berg of our goals! Okay, we are only 1/3 of the way through but AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

ME: "Jaden, it's August!"

J: "I just said that!"

Frantically I looked around my surroundings which were of the neighborhood because we were in:

"leave the house mode and have a little date."

HOWEVER, when he said the words that rang in my ears... August...... it's almost like a Ghost Town of a month name; August.

I slowed down and started to take things in really slowly. The month is hot and seems to hold all summer events in its days ransom.

 As you look back at the time you had it already feels like another summer under your holster.

Again, my friend's flowers.

It made me think of the pretty flowers around town and in my neighbors yard that I will miss when winter settles in.

I  was under the impression my stricture wouldn't stick around. WEll, okay, after only two weeks of bliss- I started feeling like I was shot in the chest again. And knew that I was in trouble. But one little toddler I read about had to have his pipe dilated once a week. Poor thing.

So the Doc set me up for a Barium Swallow and I got to see where a quick dissolving pill got lodged in my esophagus.

It was rather interesting.

Except I was on the other end of things, my Dr, is out of town for a week, and can't open my pipe until the end of August. Which made me feel like this:

Do you ever feel like this wolf eel? Actually, despite its looks, it's happy. It mates for life, goes home to his hunny each evening and has relatively few enemies. It just goes to show that beauty is in the cataracted eye of the eel.
( picture courtesy of them. Rock face courtesy of the Wolf Eel.)
So now that we have August here and I had to drop the idea of getting J. into Shakespeare,
we have learned a lot.
Like if you have a possible stress fracture, stay off of it.
Physical Therapy will keep you on your Feet. No, Really. Belnap and Brown have helped me so much. Thanks, Guys. Who knows where I would be without P.T.
OH, and this:
strictures can happen anywhere along your digestive tract and another cool thing about animals that I learned from watching National Geographic.
Yes, I slipped off the wagon and started to check things out from the library to help me stay off my leg and to help me teach J.
I'm just grateful I never watched Dr. Quinn because that series got me through my stricture recovery.
Thanks, Mrs. Medicine Woman.
The bad news is this:
I have already lost one DVD cover. How does this happen? Do they just sprout legs and walk away?
I watched while J. was at Scout Camp and boom- gone.
Actually, if I just cleaned under my bed, I'd find it. I will do that tomorrow. Tonight I have work to do- breathing through this esophagus and watching a Bear show by the BBC.
I will tell you a cool lion story later.
(okay, this is just so ugly he is cute. thanks

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