Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prednisone Equals Death and Canadian Cake

Best of Canadian Cakes or something I found online-


Okay, so I was workin on a cute number to post here for some several days as I have worked through withdrawal etc and I apologize to bring up death on Sunday.
Ruched Fabric Cake tutorial - SugarEd Productions
(This is the: "Grandma Mary Lu Cake" from sugared The colors are the same as the tile in her bathroom.)

But I feel like that one place ya go if ya are Hitler. Prednisone withdrawal is the worst thing in the world. At first you think:- or at least I did, " This isn't TOO bad." But that is when you are on the levels above 10. And if you haven't been on it for a million years.

If you go sub TEN- look out. Especially to 8. Even the first couple weeks were hell, but I thought it would taper off and I would get used to it.

* for a picture of this cake)


The body is, like, "Are you fer real woman? We thought this was a joke or something and were just waiting for your Dr. to tell ya to go to 60."


It's like my body was forced to swim from here to England and then told to get in a swimming pool and practice holding my breath.

(cake - I love the colors not the cake necessarily. The yellow. mint. peonies. Hey- I think this color scheme reminds me of my Grandma's bathroom. And it makes me want a star
(Piggy & Dirt's Louisianna Carrie)
 that matches the two pictures of my great great grandparents that have been "colored" with a mint background.
Old School touch ups. You know- before selfies that you can touch up yourself. 

At first just two minutes. Come up for air then down again for two. Then they send someone down to tell ya just kidding! Don't come up for air you have to stay down here ten more minutes then come on up!"

The muscles are cramping, I found myself looking at Canada's best cake decorators last night online, I'm color coordinating J's shirts for back to school- well, I told him I was going to last night when we got them picked up and put on hangers and hung up.


Ah, ha, haaaaa!!!!

BTW- I got onto the Canada's best cakes by trying to find different color combinations that look good with advocado green.

 Yes- I am getting things decorated or ready to decorate so J. isn't too somber when I can't due to tapering.

I gotta go. I have withdrawal hanging on me like a crying toddler.

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