Monday, August 10, 2015

I am Not Lion!

(picture courtesy of giraffe world'
Recently I learned that a certain lion pride was empathetic toward a sick lion in their crew.
This has nothing to do with Cecil for any Readers out there thinking they stumbled onto a blog that is blogging about him.
Rather it is a gal blogging about a DVD she rented from the Library about the kindness of a female lion toward another female lion.  No wonder they call them lion "prides,"
Readers, I know I complain and ban the library at times because of misplaced DVDs that give me a day or two of a late fee fine because someone wants to check it out.(I think the library gives that excuse after you've asked for it for the fourth time.) So I banned the library.
But I fell off the wagon when injury hit and grabbed some for the long haul. It has paid off!
I love learning. NO matter how much my disease takes from me, I love that feeling of:
"WoW!" I never knew that. And I love sharing that with Jaden, teaching him more about the world.
This particular, 'Wow', I am talking about has to do with a Lion that had gotten into some big trouble with its jaw. No teeth on the bottom half; the first shot of it was a pathetic site:
Laying on the ground with flies that suck your blood all over it.
Most of the lions climb the trees in the heat of the days to avoid being in the dusty, fly sucking arena but the poor lioness lay there at the mercy of the beating down sun.
Oh, and did I mention they hadn't had food for a long time? And how would she eat if they did?
She was blood sucking fly meat.
So time passes and the pride gets a kill. And then in the most tender act of mercy, a lion goes over and tears a part of the animal where the meat is the softest and holds the dead animal's leg out of the way so the sick lion could eat.
I bawled like a baby.
Okay, not that bad. However tears did come to my eyes at the site of this act of kindness in the wild.
Was it a mother or sister that was helping the other lion? 
By the end of the documentary they showed the pride getting through a drought and the sick lion, emerging from the bushes in lion with its pride, it looks healthier and confident.
Wow, I never knew.
And in other news.... school starts sooon!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!
Dear June and July, where did you go? Come back! And bring back my boy who turned a tween!

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