Sunday, August 23, 2015

What is Wrong With our Health Care System?

I don't know the answer to that either, Readers.

I just woke up with some health care problems and asked myself:

"What is wrong with our health care system?"

As I scooted up in bed to help alleviate acid from coming up my throat and pondered this as I pondered my nappy hair, sunburned tongue and the feeling of pain I have.
(a custom star made of stained orange and tangerine glass. Not mine. But great idea and I love the clear center that you could put a picture in.)

Which, for some reason, my mind has equivocated to a scene from Rocky. Not the running part.
The part where his friend

lets him train in a meat locker and he hits the side of beef until his knuckles bleed.


If that side of beef (cause you can see ribs on it) was still alive, and was just taking it over and over from Rocky, I bet it would feel like I do. I mean, it's Rocky for crying out loud. Good thing it's just hanging there and not able to really feel it. I have no idea why I relate to a side of beef, that is frozen, but there you go.

Kids, pick your friends carefully. So your ribs don't hurt.
On the positive side I got a jump start on my Autumn decorating!

 Decisions are based on my limited choice of color schemes because of pictures in the room and space.

I liked this clearance Autumn Red.... with teals. Yes, teals because the star has that goldenish color thing going on in it and I kept thinking I wanted a Sea Foam green tree this year but realized it was the prednisone talking and am sticking to just,

" Golden-ish."
like caramel melted and an apple stuck in it.

(sorry it is unfocused.)

And health is a biggie when it comes to getting it all decorated.
But the heat is on, Readers! Since the prednisone taper is taking place,

I have to be prepared.

It may be August but our kids go back to school in a week and it may as well be Dooms Day for J.

So I am putting together colors and things to get us to December.

With the help of Kurt at Piggy &Dirt (their etsy business) I am able to nail down colors. Which is sorta tough with the small creative color disability I have to deal with when I see what I want but can't put it into action.

(This color is stained tangerine glass. Cool, eh? Piggy and Dirt's etsy account with written permission was used to show that Kurt can help even the hardest of customers know what color it is they are looking for. )

I will tell you why I have to decorate early in a second.

Bronze and gold-ish has been looking good to me lately so I turned to my son's room and the pictures I have developed of geysers from Yellowstone, to help me in my decorating and as inspiration.
(Yellowstone is a stone's throw from here so I have a lot of pictures from there and, for some reason, recently have loved copper. Good thing I'm allergic to earrings or I'd have a ton of recycled gold earrings from the 80's and 90's I would be wearing in public or at least to church. )

So literally the "heat or pressure cooker temps, is on - (get it? Yellowstone. Geysers. Hot Water. Swimming in Flaming Gorge, until it was prohibited?-

loving the concrete clay grays of our geysers too......oh, look- it's J. in a shirt that snapped like all of Padre's shirts. Thanks for this shot, Dad. Reminds me that I was really not overweight in this picture like I thought. I'd put on some prednisone weight and had gone from a 2 to a 10 and was scared of being so big. I wish I could go back and slap that girl silly and tell her that her body isn't fat.

(The orange and title of this book I totally love and have no idea if it is a good book, or where I saw it. But judging the book by its cover, it really helps give inspiration for writing, but also making me like the color orange in this hue. Or is it shade? I took art in 7th grade- I have no idea about those things. But as luck would have it, J. is going to be a Sevie!)

"Hind sight" isn't 20/20 on prednisone. Puns intended.
Back to School. Boom, it's in there with the yellow leaves. Fall- got it. November. Double Check.

You can copy me if you'd like.
 I put stuff together with what I have and what will match paintings from my Aunt Maxine
(notice the star? That's my bronze/copper answer. All the vases and such have some material I got on sale for 1. in the spring at Jo-Ann fabrics. Another place J. hates. The feathery plumage isn't from a family member that hunts. It also is from the clearance rack.
The star is Piggy & Dirt's.  Golden Globe I think it is called. I think it is an amber color they have. Not sure. That may be one you ask or convo Kurt or Becky about on their etsy account.
Picture below is of the star I used to help match the geyser copper.
Golden Globe Star- 5.5 inches of glowing gold stained glass star

So Aunt Maxine has a ton of pictures in our basement with orange and yellow in them- so the woman who was really a good fisher woman; married to a war hero that I had no idea how cool he was until she was almost 98; and had a tongue that could whip a server at Denny's quicker than you could say:
"Oh, no."; dictates my decorating.

Dspite being passed away, she has a big say in what gets put up in the Fall time. Then I have to move a couple paintings.
*one of her paintings in upper left corner. Me deciding if I should bring our feathered friend into the mix for Christmas. Answer: YES. The blue star is a Piggy and Dirt one from last year. Don't know it's name because I had Kurt make it after one of his with a turquoise stone in it.
The glass is aqua blue and the star on the right is the
"Hanna Star"
with the rhinestone in the middle.

*Side note here on my Aunt and her serious strength-when she was alive,  she had a stroke and I thought she would be a goner. Nope. She bounced back and did all the exercises, etc. , then she had skin cancer! She fought that off too!

 It had eaten away part of her face so I didn't take J. over there much. How stupid was that?  And to stay in shape she did the grocery store thing
which meant pushing the grocery cart down the aisles at night for balance and at night so no one would get in her way

(Yellowstone National Park Inspiration)

. I know she golfed a lot when she lived in AZ. and I don't think she cared for sunscreen, so who knows. I just know I wear it because skin cancer is the last thing I want happening if you get my drift.
You can copy that too.
I did.  
Aunt Maxine pointed out my nail biting problem before I knew it was a problem.
Recently, they looked good until this tapering and suddenly I am biting them like I have a math test I didn't prepare for on the horizon.

So back to, "Back to School"- I asked J. from my recliner the other day what he was looking forward to because lately he's been moody about going back to school.

"I like when you do the decorations."
he said non-chalantly- stuffing his arms behind his head. Was this some kind of duel?
Is he trying to kill me?
For all non chronically ill people this is super easy but when you are sick- oh geez. I now know why some people leave their lights up year round. At first I thought it was tacky. Now I think it is dang smart.
Last year he whined about the garden and so some stuff got thrown in haphazardly and dad weeded instead of spraying them so the sunflowers could stay. Did the same for me this year. 
But that is one of the first things kids of all ages miss- the decorating.

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