Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Recurring Strictures and GERD word

Readers with GERD.

I know. It sounds like something you get locally from the dairy; cheese curds.
But, oh no. It is not. It can be a flaming torch to the center of your chest that you and your medical team have assumed is merely fibromyalgia or something benign but feels like a heart attack.

Learned a lot in the last month. One, your esophagus can re-close faster than elevator doors. Actually, those are slow. So the stricture in your esophagus can actually close rather quickly just when you thought it was a done deal and didn't do your frantic research.

Yup. Those of us already with a disease that has a catchy name, "Crohns" also get things like GERD.
Unlike those cheese curds that sit on the counter next to the register at Reeds Dairy, GERD is the dark side of the acid in your body. It literally wants to take over.

And, if you're unlucky, it does! Which makes places in your body that you don't think about until they are held at acid gun point hurt really, really, bad.
 So if you are experiencing pain in the middle of your chest and think it's some deadly disease, it's not. It just feels like it.
If you start to feel pain in your back, no worries! It is GERD letting you know that it is strangling your esophagus. Which in turn confuses all the muscles and why you go to Physical Therapy.
If you are up early because you sleep sitting up and gripping pain in your rib cage causes you to stop dreaming and then you end up just blogging, again, it's just GERD.
So you will get up and sit in your favorite seat that is a blessing beyond blessings because it is one you can sleep in while you struggle with diseases, GERD, and a kid entering tween-dom.
Don't be alarmed if you don't feel well after your GERD has strangled your esophagus and they had it re-opened. It is merely your body trying to reclose it. Can you blame it? I mean who wants acid up the esophagus and into your face?
(I am loving this gal's perfume vase for a coral flower.)

Not mine. So I am waiting until the end of this month for when my Dr. can perform another opening of the esophagus. I don't know if this will be a regular thing and I will want to schedule it on a regular basis, or what.
I know you are discouraged you couldn't just focus on healing from whip lash, Crohns and colitis. Not being able to walk because of a stress fracture and prednisone tapering- just try to take it a moment at a time.
Like right this moment I am looking at three baskets of folded clothes. Yeh! Three. They have been there and J. has just come and gotten what he has needed out of them like a dresser drawer. It's worked quite smoothly. Except I could use the baskets for other things like more laundry that gets dried and needing to be folded and put away in the laundry basket.
And I'm okay with that.

The End of my Strength,

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