Saturday, August 1, 2015

llamas, Book Covers & Sunflowers

One of the sunflowers from a garden loooong ago.

Hi. Been reading a bit. Organizing not so many bits. And a bit on the: "I hate prednisone bit"

. Enough of that. Now to try and get my mind off all that..... pushing myself to write so

I can cheer up a bit.
First of all- thanks to my family. They all weeded the garden. All that is growing are the sunflowers and my Dad could have sprayed them with weed killer- which I was okay with due to the weeds- but they weeded!!!! 7 bags of weeds went out with the garbage guys so I could look out over the Sunflowers.
Llamas can make ya feel cheer. Got a great story coming up on these quirky animals.
(Mariah' )

Just yesterday I turned my phone down and couldn't locate it.
Thanks to archives of unposted posts, I found a nugget that deals with this.

Two years ago that same thing happened and this is what J. said to me that I found deep in my archives of un-posted posts.

'J.: , (in an adorable, helpful manner said this to me this morning):

 "Mom, not to judge a book by its cover, but you should probably remember to turn your phone back on after you have had it on vibrate."
 Me: "Son, I think you meant to say: 'A word of advice, Mom, you miss A LOT of calls when you leave it on vibrate.'"
Speaking of TWO.  I saw two people, who were pulling two llamas across the street. 

The one on the left looks like it has Cushings. ha, ha.
A Ferret was part of their caravan.
ME: blink. blink. wha???
"Is there a circus coming to town & this is how they get the word out? or some party at the green belt I was unaware of?"

Seriously. I have never seen two llamas walking down Broadway.
 I stared.
The llamas stared back.

Later J. informed me he met them on a bike ride (with our neighbors) down by the river and said that they [llama people] were working their way across the country letting people take picture of them and the llamas. The money funded the cross country trip.

I don't know if you sat on them, or draped a casual hand around their necks, for the picture. But I was under the impression they spit. So maybe they just let you take a picture of the owners with their llamas. They were dressed in clothing that would go a long with the whole circus act.

 As I sat there, at my red light, I wondered what the city ordinances were on llamas. Could I just take one around with me and you could take a picture of me and the llama for a few dolla?

This will be one of those things I will never forget. And will re-tell my old people friends while we are in a nursing home.


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