Friday, October 17, 2014

To Kill A Fruit Fly Again....

(Random Back Yard Photo. Fun to have a fire out back on Autunm Nights & Roast, as one grandkid puts it: "Puppies" i.e. hotdogs. )
Wulp, since my last post, I found out that the tomtato is just ONE of the ways a fruit fly is brought in the house.
Another? Being on prednisone.

Yup, I had the flies pretty much eradicated and then I start seeing them in the Fam. room. Hm. I thought. Odd. We have this place on Fruit Fly lock down.

And then guess what? I found a banana on top of the book case. Couple bites out of it.
Bananas are great for potassium. Especially while on prednisone. It keeps the muscles from getting charlie horses in them.

Guess we are gonna have to put me on
Banana Lock Down

in order to get a handle on these fruit flies. Again..

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