Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cow Character & Evel Knieval



Did you know that last month was the blog's 5 year anniversary? Yeh, me either until I went back and started to read it from the beginning. Annnnddd guess what? The post I started on was almost the exact thing happening today!

I was on prednisone.
Up in the night blogging about...
J. riding his bike, going off curbs and me saying: "Watch for cars!"

This EXACT thing happened yesterday. He was jumping his bike. I hollered from the adirondack chair: "Watch for cars!"

Some things never change.


Well, the other day J. paid me an interesting compliment.

He had done some things that I told him were really good- heck, I couldn't do that even when I was young!

J: "Yeh, well, you have talents they just aren't as obvious. You're like a cow."

I lay there, my hands behind my neck, blinking up at the ceiling and trying to figure out what he meant by 'cow' and how that was a 'good thing.'

ME: " A cow, you say? "

J: "Yeh, you know how they just stand there?"

ME : "uh-huh...." still not catching the correlation.

J: "They aren't overly exciting standing there chewing their cud,  but they do important things."

ME: "Such as find shade beneath a tree and lie down and eat grass, or what?"

J: "They don't stand out as amazing is what I mean,  but actually you are like the ones at Reed's Dairy. You know.  Actually provide a service. Not just STAND there."

Mulling it over, as a cow would chew her cud would do, I thought that, all things considering, it was a pretty nice compliment after all. So I'm a cow.

He also gave me some sage advice about how kids are these days; what their thinking. I told him I should go in and try to help at some point in his classroom. He shot a look my way and knew I would only go into the ring of germ fire if I was wearing a mask due to my lowered immune system.

"Mom, I think that the littler kids might be scared. You don't want them to think your Evel Knieval or something."

Like with the cow compliment, I struggled to see what and how I resembled the stuntman.
Looking at pics online I don't see the resemblance. And nothing about what I do and what he did are anywhere close.

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